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Iron Overlord

Free game - Iron Overlord
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In the game you play on the builder and protector. You'll be your castle in places where you have to earn money and then invest in the army. Army send straight to the enemy. You will also need to invest in much better weapons to the enemy you will not.

Professor Fizzwizzle

Free game - Professor Fizzwizzle
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In this game you get in charge of the mad professor, travels from dimension to dimension. In doing so, must overcome various obstacles to get to the next teleporter. You have to help him, you will need to combine different ways and move boxes or barrels, virtual machine because the path to the…

Defend your nuts

Free game - Defend your nuts
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Little squirrel must at all costs to defend their nuts against enemy characters that armed attacks on her. But not far behind squirrel. In this endeavor it helps the protective fence, mines and prevent the bow and arrow. Once you eliminate your enemies, proceed to the next round and fight again.…

Sonar Challenge

Free game - Sonar Challenge
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In this game with excellent graphics, you are responsible for nothing more than keep the mouse in the air through football. But it's not an easy task as it may seem at first sight ...

Farm Delivery

Free game - Farm Delivery
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Play the deliverer who carries goods from the farm. You will need to deliver the goods to get the start. The main task is to lead to the finish as much goods. You will always have a minimum quantity of goods that you bring. To deliver top of what you will have bonuses. Goods must lead as quickly as…

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