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Free game - MAGIC ARKANOID 2
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A slightly different arkanoid who still do not know about. In this game your mission is to keep the ball in the box and the way that it will help reflect back to the truck dice. It is also important that you finished the game to destroy all cubes. Sometimes it happens that you fall out of any bonus…

Hitstick 6

Free game - Hitstick 6
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In this game you work as a bounty hunter. Early on, you have to be trained a and buy a gun. Then you will be able to perform tasks and kill people for money.

Zombotron 2

Free game - Zombotron 2
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In the latter part of the perfect shooter game Zombotron again go to war against the zombies. With a number of different weapons Beat all opponents and get to the finish. The original story, great graphics, good gameplay and control are sure to please you and bring a great gaming experience.

Skullette Matching

Free game - Skullette Matching
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Connect always three balls of the same color and let them disappear. When you upload a lot of points for balls removed, proceed to the next level. Besides nice gameplay will delight your game graphics and especially fans of the series Monster High :)

Bob And Sam in EgyptScore game

Free game - Bob And Sam in Egypt
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Very interesting and a puzzle game reminiscent of Tetris but in the opposite way. You start with full parts balls and your goal is to gradually limit the time involved to remove the marbles. When you lead the entire field so you have won. But remember that the game has very many levels and also the…

Days 2 Die

Free game - Days 2 Die
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You find yourself in a building full of zombies and you are carrying a knife and Beret. What is clear from this formula is clear, a lot of dead zombies and you are shooting in all directions. This game is very good at relaxing, and best if you just do not like the boss. Control may seem a bit at the…

Thing Thing 4

Free game - Thing Thing 4
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Further continuation of the brutal shooting, this time with a larger story. In this game you will enjoy your favor if you keep the games for somebody to shoot. You get into the world of monsters and animals that show no mercy to anything and anyone. At the beginning you only have an ordinary weapon,…

Thing Thing Arena 3

Free game - Thing Thing Arena 3
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The game is a classic shooter, where you and against your enemy is constantly appearing. In the game you do not have to worry about the weapons. Because if you kill the enemy, so you will gun for him. You must especially watch out for more and more new enemies. Because there is increasing over time.

Mall Brawl

Free game - Mall Brawl
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Robots invaded shopping center. Choose to start a girl you want to play and dispose of all robots. All important information is always to learn the event. Mainly you have to be careful that you did not hit any of the robots, because if it happened several times so the game ends. On the top left you…

Hitstick 4

Free game - Hitstick 4
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In this game you become an assassin, and you fulfill a mission here. At the beginning you have to choose a mission and weapons. Guns select two and head out to perform the task.


Free game - Pacman
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Legendary game to which perhaps is not what to say. Your task in this game is to eat all the dots you have on the road. In doing so, but again not to catch the ghosts. Large dots are on the way the game turns so that you can catch the spirit and nothing will happen. If you can get bonus points.

Bubble Trouble 2

Free game - Bubble Trouble 2
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Excellent sequel to Bubble Trouble is where your main task is to get the greatest level. You play a character for pig and your task is to carve up balls in as few pieces, and eventually disappear. The halving balls using a rope, that figure soars to head upwards (activation Space). The bullet will…

Age Of Japan

Free game - Age Of Japan
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In this game you have to try to build the same symbols to stand side by side. The main task is to these symbols stand vertically or horizontally. As soon as you make the symbols disappear and others appear. The first thing you have to do is get rid of the white fields. Be careful but because you…

Classic Pacman

Free game - Classic Pacman
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Well-known and popular Pacman game in which a yellow ball with a big mouth eating white dots is here again in the next rendition of his classic form. Feel free to try them for that legendary "figure" in the maze to eat as much as possible. But watch out for colorful creatures, that when you touch,…


Free game - Civibattle
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This game will definitely grabs. It is a connection game but not just ordinary. In this connection game you collect as many characters. For them, then buy an army and build their city. So that you can take the symbols need to sort the three side by side. It's also good to see what happens over the…

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