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Choose Your 2012

Free game - Choose Your 2012
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Choose Your 2012 is a very interesting action game in which your task is to destroy the whole world. At the beginning of the game you choose kontitent or part of the world and then you can go to destruction. The choice you have several natural disasters, from tornadoes, despite the impact of a…

Sift Renegade 2

Free game - Sift Renegade 2
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Sift Renegade 2 is an action fighting game in which the hero named Vinnie go to war against enemies great superiority. Only with a sword in your hand you must destroy anyone who stands in your way and so to move again a bit further.

Presidential Paintball

Free game - Presidential Paintball
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The Presidential Paintball game you can play paintball with American presidents and feedback. At the start you choose the politics for which you want to play and then you start the firefight, which takes place in the White House. Before the missiles the enemy can hide behind various barriers in the…

Mall Brawl

Free game - Mall Brawl
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Robots invaded shopping center. Choose to start a girl you want to play and dispose of all robots. All important information is always to learn the event. Mainly you have to be careful that you did not hit any of the robots, because if it happened several times so the game ends. On the top left you…

Thing Thing Arena 3

Free game - Thing Thing Arena 3
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The game is a classic shooter, where you and against your enemy is constantly appearing. In the game you do not have to worry about the weapons. Because if you kill the enemy, so you will gun for him. You must especially watch out for more and more new enemies. Because there is increasing over time.

Pacma Fight

Free game - Pacma Fight
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A great fighting game with an old friend Pacman. Even in this game is not about collecting marbles as ever, but is much more action. Beware of monsters, shoot them and get to your destination!

Bubble Trouble 2

Free game - Bubble Trouble 2
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Excellent sequel to Bubble Trouble is where your main task is to get the greatest level. You play a character for pig and your task is to carve up balls in as few pieces, and eventually disappear. The halving balls using a rope, that figure soars to head upwards (activation Space). The bullet will…

Mobs Down

Free game - Mobs Down
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The Mobs Down the street is getting a lot of enemies that you want left over. You have to beat to get to safety. Weapons can be obtained only from their enemies in a way that discharges them in the face of battle. Constantly but watch your back, the street fighting by the rules ...


Free game - Pacman
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Legendary game to which perhaps is not what to say. Your task in this game is to eat all the dots you have on the road. In doing so, but again not to catch the ghosts. Large dots are on the way the game turns so that you can catch the spirit and nothing will happen. If you can get bonus points.

Prison Break Breakout

Free game - Prison Break Breakout
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This series is very well known here as a game. You will be able to empathize with the role of the protagonist of this series. Your task will be to get out of jail. But you have to be very careful. Because of course the prison guards walk everywhere. You can only walk and jump, no special features…

Knight Age Christmas

Free game - Knight Age Christmas
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Fight in fierce duels against a large number of enemies and become a real knight so great in game Knight Age Christmas. At the start of each duel you choose the speed at which your opponent to start and then just enough copies of the reports to target and destroy the so of your opponent.

Big Evil Robots

Free game - Big Evil Robots
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In the game Big Evil Robots you decide to destroy creepy robot, which is out of control. The robot can be stopped only through the blue button that is located in his heart. You must hit this button using sling and several stone shots and get the robot off.

Tibet Quest

Free game - Tibet Quest
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Tibet Quest is an interesting game bejeweled type, in which, although classically uniting three of the same symbols to then disappeared, but the main task is to get the doll from one end of the field to the other. This is achieved by combining the symbols just because when gone, in the right places…

Hitstick 4

Free game - Hitstick 4
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In this game you become an assassin, and you fulfill a mission here. At the beginning you have to choose a mission and weapons. Guns select two and head out to perform the task.
Free game - Around World in 80 Days
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A parade of other games that we already have here in several guises. Your goal in the game is put together as many series. Many do so to sort that side of the same symbols. Symbols can vary by one line, and both horizontally and vertically. Once you sort the same symbols to each other, will…

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