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Free game - The Secret Of Life Flower
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Dear professor discovered the healing ability void of cancer at a very rare plant. Therefore, the expedition prepared to go into the forests looking for this plant. Member of this expedition you are. Therefore, at the very beginning of the game take all the equipment that will be ready for you. Talk…

Charger Escape

Free game - Charger Escape
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In this game it is your duty to free the horses from the stables. You have to be careful because all over the stables are littered with objects that you need to escape. So collect all the items and use them appropriately. Do not forget to pick out all you need some outside the stable.

SteppenWolf - 1

Free game - SteppenWolf - 1
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In the first part of this great adventure in Steppenwolf need as quickly and as quietly as possible while getting a robbery ship. Expect lots of riddles and puzzles that you have to decipher that you ended the game successfully. Good luck!

Drago Adventure

Free game - Drago Adventure
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Embark on an adventurous journey with dragon Drago, who is looking Zyrona villain. During the game, Drago appears in different situations, he meets strange beings and must decide whether they are friends or enemies. Help him on his way and successfully finish the set objective to ... The game is…

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Free game - Happy Wheels
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