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Free game - Platypus
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Jump to your platypus as high. In order to succeed, it is good to capture the right moment when you will have the largest supply of energy and the way to gather food. Keeping the air a little help boost (up arrow).

Feeding the Hippos

Free game - Feeding the Hippos
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Feed all the hippos in this hilarious puzzle game. Hippos like melons, so each one will have to get you to work through to the next level. The way you have all sorts of obstacles and flies so good except you have to use your brain ...

Kitten Maker

Free game - Kitten Maker
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Create your cat completely personalized. You make a small tiger, cheetah, another beast, or prefer cute domestic pet? It all depends on you and what you choose on ears, tail, eyes, color, background ....
Free game - Jennifer Rose: Cat Grooming
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Jennifer Rose this time decided to watch cats. To be successful in time to fulfill all their wishes feeding them, giving them the cat sand, play with them and cuddle. With one or two is not easy, but cats start to grow ... In addition, there's her boyfriend, which also requires attention and she has…

World Strongest Monkey

Free game - World Strongest Monkey
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Attend with your monkey rider competition for the strongest ape in the world. On your gorilla competitor waits several demanding disciplines such as balance, weight lifting, pulling, throwing, .... that verifies your estimation, perception and speed.

Banana Monkey

Free game - Banana Monkey
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In this game you control a little monkey that collects your favorite bananas. The problem is that the dangerous snakes crawling everywhere. How many bananas can you collect before any of snake bites?

Monkeys and Bananas

Free game - Monkeys and Bananas
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In this very nice game get in charge of three monkeys, gorilla want to steal as many bananas. They can afford it but only when the gorilla looking. That was why one monkey performs inconvenience to distract her attention. Can you use the right moments and at a specified time to steal as many bananas…

Peter the Penguin

Free game - Peter the Penguin
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Take the game Peter the Penguin with a little penguin on a long journey through the Antarctica and try to prevent global warming. But first you need to overcome the amount of dangerous obstacles in your way and all that could quickly destroy your expedition.
Free game - Cantarok 2: Longcat rampage
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In this game you control a giant cat, you might want to destroy the entire Air Force. The cat but is hampered by the fact that aircraft shoots down his murderous gaze. How can you destroy the helicopters before you get?

Pet Daycare Decoration

Free game - Pet Daycare Decoration
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Arrange for yourself room designed just for caring for pets. It will cats, dogs, parrots or all together? Give them everything necessary such as dens, houses, food and of course, something to play with;)

LadyBug Journey

Free game - LadyBug Journey
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In game The Ladybug Journey, you will take a bold Ladybird on a difficult path full of insidious and dangerous enemy. To survive, you need to avoid the bullets of your enemies and hit them before you lose a precious life. Do not forget along the way to collect bonuses that will add life and ammo.

I Lost My Puppy

Free game - I Lost My Puppy
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The lost puppy. Help him find lots of similar among males. Its owner will start at the moment shows his photo and then you will have to park to mark the right puppy. In the beginning it will surely be quite simple, but later there will a lot of puppies and similar game is difficult.

Splash Around

Free game - Splash Around
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Splash Around is an awesome game with beautiful graphics and a very nice turtle in the lead role. It aims to reflect on the board over the bath and then jump into the water so that made ​​the greatest splash. Reflected on a pretty limited time so will need a really good tactic;)


Free game - Snoring
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Throw an elephant at this nice puzzle game that will certainly appeal to the smallest, who like to think. With the help of other animals, and their rolling, jumping and tumbling will be to achieve that elephant fell off a cliff. Can you make it more difficult in all the rounds?


Free game - SeppuKuties
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SeppuKuties is a puzzle platform game in which you have to collect all the small animal nuts and get to the end of the golden walnut. This in some rounds will require the victim to rest he could get safely to the targets. Can you conquer all the levels?

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