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Free game - Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing
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This game is one of the most popular farming series of games. Or rather games where something grow and then you have to sell. In this game you are in charge of fish. When you are well on their care and feeding of these fish will have to sell caviar. For sale and you can get money to buy new…
Free game - Farm Frenzy 3 Pizza Party
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Would you like to try the life of farmers, but do not want to dirty your hands from the mud and hard work? Then be sure not to miss the third part of the popular Game Farm Frenzy. An interesting strategy in an environment full of sheep, cows, geese and other livestock. The principle of the game…

Farm Frenzy 1

Free game - Farm Frenzy 1
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Farm Frenzy is another favorite farm games to test your quick orientation, good decision-making and economic skills. With this truly hilarious pun not even stop for a moment. The game has several levels of multi-stage, where your main task to obtain the required amount of money or buy a…

South Pole Agressor

Free game - South Pole Agressor
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Another hilarious type Tower defense game is here. This time you get into the role of penguins. Who struggle for life. Place the penguins around ways to kill all the units are the way they want to go through. Each penguin has other money and other things can. For each destroyed enemy unit get money…

Harry the Hamster 2

Free game - Harry the Hamster 2
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Harry the Hamster 2 is a great game in which the hamsters Harry go on an adventurous journey around the world. Your task is to find all the pieces of the golden wheel, which are hidden around the world. However, you also have to collect various items to help you get through the tricky obstacles.

Kitten Maker

Free game - Kitten Maker
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Create your cat completely personalized. You make a small tiger, cheetah, another beast, or prefer cute domestic pet? It all depends on you and what you choose on ears, tail, eyes, color, background ....

Fish Tycoon

Free game - Fish Tycoon
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Experience what it is to have your own aquarium. here you can try a dry run and no fish that you just died. Of course you'll have plenty of options to take care of the fish and what news they'll be able to buy the aquarium. At the beginning you do not have enough money to set up an aquarium but it's…
Free game - Jennifer Rose: Cat Grooming
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Jennifer Rose this time decided to watch cats. To be successful in time to fulfill all their wishes feeding them, giving them the cat sand, play with them and cuddle. With one or two is not easy, but cats start to grow ... In addition, there's her boyfriend, which also requires attention and she has…
Free game - Farm Frenzy 3 American Pie
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Continuing the successful game farm. where the animals are growing and their products continue to process and sell. In this game you care to process the turkeys and their eggs. To further selling in the market, but be careful you must be careful because a lot of covert bears who would not like to…

Ice AgeScore game

Free game - Ice Age
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This game is a classic for kids. Who knows the movie Ice Age and he need not explain who is this squirrel. In this game you have to do a few rounds and the squirrel collect as many fruits and yet not to capture any of the monsters in the basement. But the squirrel can do a lot of both movements can…
Free game - Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette
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Another hilarious series of farming, this time there are growing ducks and collect their eggs. But, like every game it's not just that easy, all the time you need to watch out for bears. Since those would you be able to dispose of all ducks, and it would have had the investment.

Run Bolt Run

Free game - Run Bolt Run
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Bolt is a super dog life full of adventure and an adventure you can enjoy with him. Just when you start this game. The task is to walk the entire route and eliminate all enemies. But even if disposing of enemies, you will not be easy, the way a lot of obstacles that need to be overcome.

PupzzleScore game

Free game - Pupzzle
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Small logical pun, which is more suitable for those smaller thinkers, it is Pupzzle. Help little puppy with simple tasks that met him. You will see that some of the challenges their creativity and surprise you. The whole game will accompany a small puppy with a cap, which for him at the…

Penguin Diner

Free game - Penguin Diner
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In this game he'll do a full restaurant and sometimes you have to handle the onslaught of big eaters, but not just ordinary diners - it will be nice penguins! As always, you have to catch the handle as many guests to your restaurant had a reputation earned money and the best equipment.

Pet Daycare Decoration

Free game - Pet Daycare Decoration
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Arrange for yourself room designed just for caring for pets. It will cats, dogs, parrots or all together? Give them everything necessary such as dens, houses, food and of course, something to play with;)

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