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Free game - Civibattle
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This game will definitely grabs. It is a connection game but not just ordinary. In this connection game you collect as many characters. For them, then buy an army and build their city. So that you can take the symbols need to sort the three side by side. It's also good to see what happens over the…

Tibet Quest

Free game - Tibet Quest
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Tibet Quest is an interesting game bejeweled type, in which, although classically uniting three of the same symbols to then disappeared, but the main task is to get the doll from one end of the field to the other. This is achieved by combining the symbols just because when gone, in the right places…
Free game - Around World in 80 Days
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A parade of other games that we already have here in several guises. Your goal in the game is put together as many series. Many do so to sort that side of the same symbols. Symbols can vary by one line, and both horizontally and vertically. Once you sort the same symbols to each other, will…

Skullette Matching

Free game - Skullette Matching
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Connect always three balls of the same color and let them disappear. When you upload a lot of points for balls removed, proceed to the next level. Besides nice gameplay will delight your game graphics and especially fans of the series Monster High :)

Wrong BlockScore game

Free game - Wrong Block
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Another excellent puzzle game to test your observation and logical thinking speed. Your task will be to remove stones that bothers other a block of at least three of the same color. When you succeed, the stones will disappear and you get points. But beware, the game you have limited time limit, so…

Cookie Map

Free game - Cookie Map
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Cookie Map is a puzzle game bejeweled type, which, thanks to its graphics will certainly enjoy even the slightest. To successfully advanced to the next round, you'll have to create (at least) the same kinds of bakery trio lying side by side. In order to succeed, you can always exchange positions of…

Bob And Sam in EgyptScore game

Free game - Bob And Sam in Egypt
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Very interesting and a puzzle game reminiscent of Tetris but in the opposite way. You start with full parts balls and your goal is to gradually limit the time involved to remove the marbles. When you lead the entire field so you have won. But remember that the game has very many levels and also the…

Pea PrincessScore game

Free game - Pea Princess
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Very great game in which you have four minutes to all wheels. Your task is to link the character as many balloons can you connect from three balloon. Balloons connect so that the first click and drag the cursor to the last balloon. Once you release the balloons disappear and you will be added…

Age Of Japan

Free game - Age Of Japan
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In this game you have to try to build the same symbols to stand side by side. The main task is to these symbols stand vertically or horizontally. As soon as you make the symbols disappear and others appear. The first thing you have to do is get rid of the white fields. Be careful but because you…

Kit & EllisScore game

Free game - Kit & Ellis
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Connection game in a little coat. In the game do not link the classic symbols that are next to each other, but they illustrate the symbols of the belt that goes to the edge of the window. The task in this game, put side by side three or more identical symbols.

Fishdom Spooky Splash

Free game - Fishdom Spooky Splash
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This game is very simple and logical. It's basically connection game already know just a little differently. Before you appears a field in which certain symbols. These symbols need to sort so that they are next to each other at least three. Then disappear and points will be added. If you follow the…

Monkey Trouble 2Score game

Free game - Monkey Trouble 2
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If you feel that you have this type of game played many times, so terribly wrong. The form in this game is sure, but it's completely different. These balls must arrange side by side to match the color next to each other and were at least three. If this happens the ball disappears and the game…

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