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Free game - Underground Racing Kings
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Select a race track, car and get into fast race against three opponents. The more successful you are in the race, the more money you get. You can then use the money to upgrade your car. It also lets you access new areas in which you can compete.

Driving School TD

Free game - Driving School TD
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In game Driving School TD you can test how difficult it is to do driving school. In 15 lessons you must to drive on destination place without crashing. In addition to all the lessons you have only a limited number of lives that you miss, you may need to completely start again.

Pimp My Ride

Free game - Pimp My Ride
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Select a car to suit your taste, from the fastest sport, to the classic Beetle and try to ride with him in various situations and terrains. You will be able to visit a race track and test your reflexes when training starts.

Crazy Taxi

Free game - Crazy Taxi
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Become a mad taxi driver, who is heading a frantic pace over desert road. Your task is to travel while the greatest distance and nenabourat to other road users who will like to be block-approved way.

TG Motocross

Free game - TG Motocross
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Would you like to ride a motorbike and you can not? This game will offer it through a very realistic simulation of riding a motocross bike. The graphics are a bit worse here you meet with a very difficult terrain, which is not easy to overcome. When I dare you to do various tricks.
Free game - Monster Truck Demolisher
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Demolisher Monster Truck racing is a classic game in which you must be as fast as possible and also to destroy as many obstacles. And because it has the subtitle "Demolisher", your priority will be to destroy the other cars. For speed of course also get points, but not so much.

Dune Buggy

Free game - Dune Buggy
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Dune Buggy is a great racing game in which you become Bugatti drivers terrain. Drive through untouched nature and collect as many stars, but watch out, because of the danger lurking everywhere.

Sim Taxi 2

Free game - Sim Taxi 2
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In the second hilarious sequel to the racing games you can once again become taxi drivers. Your task is to quickly get people where they want. During the tour you will also except money and decrease fuel. The roads you may encounter at a gas station or the key on the car repair.

Kore Karts

Free game - Kore Karts
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Great game in which you become a racing driver. You choose whether you want to go against a friend or against the computer and if the car will break or not. At the start you choose the route type and then it's up to you ...

Atomic Racer

Free game - Atomic Racer
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In this game you become a hero who has his car, an important task. And catch up truck with nuclear waste, shoot him with a rocket to prevent nuclear catastrophe. But watch out, move on the highway in full operation, where you must avoid other cars and obstacles.

Raccon Racing

Free game - Raccon Racing
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This game with nice graphics, fun and certainly youngest users, who often are able to pass through the arrows marked route faster than many older. As cute character in the car driving to collect bonuses and weaken or slow down your enemies and using various methods - such as sleep, rocket, oil…

Ho-Pin Tung Racer

Free game - Ho-Pin Tung Racer
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Become a Formula 1 racer and measure forces with world famous riders. In a car you will be asked to go as soon as possible of course that you have won (helps you to function and turbo). At the same time, but do not make mistakes like straying from the route, cutting and so on.

Four Wheel Chase

Free game - Four Wheel Chase
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In this game you will have the task to catch an escaped kangaroo. The task certainly will not be easy. Kangaroo e stretch every kind of crack but your djeep definitely not. Anyway, you can djeep jumping making it the best right to catch kangaroos.

Hot Wheels Racer

Free game - Hot Wheels Racer
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Create a record in the speed department. Choose the beginning of one of the two fast cars and create a new record. Watch the orange barriers and canals. If it najedeŇ° so you slow down. If you want to be quick and use the nitro.

Coaster Racer 2

Free game - Coaster Racer 2
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Awesome racing game that will surely grabs. The controls are very simple and very good car also sits on the road. If you ride will seem too slow, you can use nitro. After completion of each round you will be able to improve the car a little. It will also depend a lot on what position you place.

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