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Free game - Hannah Montana's Music Adventure
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The Hannah Montana game consists of two podher. First, the singer can wear make-up and according to their wishes, and then collect various items for which you receive points.

Dawn of the Celebs

Free game - Dawn of the Celebs
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In this game everywhere will be going very well known celebrities, but rather as a dangerous zombie. And their goal is not your new beautiful limousine. You have to get rid of them shot before they manage to get to your car and destroy it.

Avril Lavigne

Free game - Avril Lavigne
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In this game you will be well developed bridge apply all their skills and imagination in styling, makeup and overall image. Do you take care itself Avril Lavigne and will be up to you how to edit. Options you really have so much to look forward to.

Rihanna Make Up

Free game - Rihanna Make Up
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Create a make-up and hair style and select one of the accoutrements of contemporary celebrity - Rihanna. You can unleash your imagination and also change the color of her lipstick and hair color and eye color. How will eventually look like?

Madonna Dance Game

Free game - Madonna Dance Game
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Become a part of the show itself Madonna dancing in this game which tests your speed and observation. Can you choose the right time specified key so that Madonna still danced to the rhythm of their popular songs?

Selena Gomez Make Up

Free game - Selena Gomez Make Up
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In this game you'll be able to your favorite singer Selena vymódit and paint as you wish. Get dressed it according to your tastes, Draw, stained hair and lots more. In this game oblíkací nothing is impossible. And if you want to add to her calmly and piercings.

Selena Gomez Makeover

Free game - Selena Gomez Makeover
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Change to suit your taste and imagination Selena Gomez. You can choose one of her hairstyles, use various colors of lipsticks, eye shadows, make-up and mascara. Everything is up to you.

Willow Smith Make-Up

Free game - Willow Smith Make-Up
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There's a popular young celebrity Willow Smith and let it from you as a professional beauticians edit. Select one of the three exciting hairstyles, hair color, shadows, lipstick and other important trial. She finally decorate various accessories.
Free game - Zac Efron Make Up And Dress Up
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Super game for all girls and especially Zac Efron fans. Now your favorite you can not wear, but also painted and finished to your liking to him calmly and print.

Lady Gaga Make Up

Free game - Lady Gaga Make Up
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Lady Gaga Make Up is a classic game designed especially girls. Through simple mouse anyone can do this well known singer any účer, color eye shadow, lipstick and other details. Treated parts can choose from a wide range of options to choose from a variety offered, and finally print out your singer.

Madona Lourdes

Free game - Madona Lourdes
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For all lovers of Madonna here is an awesome game in which you will be able to make up not only her but also her daughter. Change them both by their own imagination and taste the whole image from the hairstyle to the color of lipstick;)

Hannah Montana

Free game - Hannah Montana
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Every girl wants to be Hannah Montana. If you want to at least partially to see how it goes for the girls to come and play this game. Hannah is going to resign and no longer goes to her estate but still do not know what to wear to wear. Help her find all the things in her closet and wear it. And…

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