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Free game - Double Laywred Chocolate Cake
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Learn how to bake delicious chocolate cake. The first two floors you prepare biscuit and then connect topping. The game will take you step by step lead, so do not be afraid that you would not have done anything.

Fast Food Kitchen

Free game - Fast Food Kitchen
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Welcome to the kitchen fast food, which is a nightmare everyone who likes order, or who would have wanted to eat. It is up to you to help her clean up. You must catch all pests, assemble all the dishes, mop the floor and throw out the trash. You can do it within the time limit?

Breafast in Bed

Free game - Breafast in Bed
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Would you such a breakfast in bed? And you know what you want for her? In this decoration game you will be able to choose on serving small table full breakfast menu from the type of pastry lined to the beautiful flower in a vase.


Free game - Baguette
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There's an original recipe that you will be able in this nice game boiling learn. Surely you have not even thought of themselves at home to prepare homemade pastries. And that's what you're going to be able to try. You will see that this is not so hard as you think necessary in addition to…

Cookie Maker

Free game - Cookie Maker
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Verify your observation and speed in very nice game in which you will operate a production line for crackers. Make cookies exactly as ordered and give them the right shape, color, toppings and decorations.

Chicken with Pepper

Free game - Chicken with Pepper
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Learn more of the great recipes. This time you will prepare chicken with pepper and spices. First, you need to fry chicken and then you can start adding the chopped vegetables. The game will prepare a step-by-step and see that everything is easy to handle.

Coffee Bar

Free game - Coffee Bar
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Coffee Bar is an excellent game in which you will become a driver, otherwise than as a bar. Your specialty is coffee time. You start with a plain black coffee and coffee with milk. Every successful day you will be added to the menu but more complex drink. You can do fast enough to serve all the…
Free game - Sara´s Cooking Class California Rolls
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There's a strict teacher Cooking Sara, the time you make a California roll, which is basically sushi. Sarah not relieve you anything and so in her kitchen, you must always prepare all the dishes and ingredients themselves and continued to follow her advice. You will see that you are worth the effort…

Lemon Cake

Free game - Lemon Cake
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For all those who like to cook and bake, there is a sophisticated game in which you learn how to make lemon cake. Waiting for you preparation of ingredients, mixing, baking ... Everything that is needed in the manufacture of cake.

Yummy Yogurt

Free game - Yummy Yogurt
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This will also check the cooking of your observation and accuracy. To cope with the whole process is the preparation of delicious salads, every step you need to demonstrate their skills and quickly cut, cook and do everything necessary. At the end of you as a reward waiting for decorating the rest…

Pizza Passion

Free game - Pizza Passion
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Racing In this game you help the Italian chefs to get the girl of his dreams. That he is promised to kiss a dream if it makes a perfect pizza. Cook always throw the dough and you have to click on it to not fall, flew up and gathered to themselves all the ingredients. Depending on how things will…

Papa´s pizzeriaScore game

Free game - Papa´s pizzeria
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Become a master at making the best pizza restaurant in another of Papa's. The owner of the restaurant because he had to leave quickly so it's up to you to run the company managed entirely by themselves. Receive your order delicious pizza and do exactly as you wish.
Free game - Cooking Passion Dinner Party
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Prepare a full dinner menu in a super game, where you yourself try everything. According to the instructions of your guide you to add ingredients, stir, boil, bake, everything you will need.

Burger Restaurant

Free game - Burger Restaurant
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In the game Burger Restaurant'll do my own restaurant for hamburgers. Your task will be to make food according to customer demand, which will grow more and more, and you'll have them cope. The increasing number of levels, but they will be added in addition to work for the money and you'll be able to…

Papa's Burgeria

Free game - Papa's Burgeria
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Papa's restaurant this time spread of the kingdom of hamburgers. Prepare your customers the best burgers according to their wishes. Each guest will judge according to what will be his meat well-done, and exactly how nicely you put all the ingredients in the burger and it if did not have to wait. Can…

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