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Pizza Passion

Free game - Pizza Passion
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Racing In this game you help the Italian chefs to get the girl of his dreams. That he is promised to kiss a dream if it makes a perfect pizza. Cook always throw the dough and you have to click on it to not fall, flew up and gathered to themselves all the ingredients. Depending on how things will…

Rolf´s Pizza

Free game - Rolf´s Pizza
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Do you like pizza? And you knew how to do it? In this game you definitely try it and the orders you make this classic Italian dish. In the beginning you have only a few ingredients, but over time and levels you have something to brandish, you prosecuted everything.

Momma Diner

Free game - Momma Diner
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In this game you may not be entirely classically only cook, but you become a full-service bistro. You will have to serve, often a lot of big, hungry people - bring them to the table, give them food and clean up the table.

Burger Restaurant

Free game - Burger Restaurant
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In the game Burger Restaurant'll do my own restaurant for hamburgers. Your task will be to make food according to customer demand, which will grow more and more, and you'll have them cope. The increasing number of levels, but they will be added in addition to work for the money and you'll be able to…

Duhový dort

Free game - Duhový dort
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Upečte skvělý duhový dort. Že nevíte jak na to? Nevadí, tato hra Vás podrobně navede, abyste to určitě zvládli a Váš dort vypadal moc krásně.

Lemon Cake

Free game - Lemon Cake
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For all those who like to cook and bake, there is a sophisticated game in which you learn how to make lemon cake. Waiting for you preparation of ingredients, mixing, baking ... Everything that is needed in the manufacture of cake.

Cookie Maker

Free game - Cookie Maker
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Verify your observation and speed in very nice game in which you will operate a production line for crackers. Make cookies exactly as ordered and give them the right shape, color, toppings and decorations.

Cake Shop 2

Free game - Cake Shop 2
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There is the sequel popular game in which you become a pastry chef and serves its customers' palates. But this time, do not just cakes, but cakes, coffee and other good things. And hurry up, the sooner you earn enough money, the sooner you will be my little candy store beautifully equipped and able…


Free game - Baguette
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There's an original recipe that you will be able in this nice game boiling learn. Surely you have not even thought of themselves at home to prepare homemade pastries. And that's what you're going to be able to try. You will see that this is not so hard as you think necessary in addition to…

Caesar Pizza

Free game - Caesar Pizza
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You have established the pizzeria, where you help in the kitchen. For all your pizza went well you take care and give all the ingredients together. When you give the same raw materials side by side, so the three pieces will disappear. And plus you points. The game is very simple and easy to use. You…

McDonald's Video Game

Free game - McDonald's Video Game
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If you want to try how it feels to do business in the fast food and you do not have to make you buy a license from the Mc Donalds, never mind. In this you will be able to try everything. And straight from cattle, soy after dispensing with cheesburgerama lectern. Well just have to run around you so…

Breafast in Bed

Free game - Breafast in Bed
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Would you such a breakfast in bed? And you know what you want for her? In this decoration game you will be able to choose on serving small table full breakfast menu from the type of pastry lined to the beautiful flower in a vase.

Perfect pizza

Free game - Perfect pizza
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Take the right pizza to its customers. But beware, you must do exactly as it should be, and your boarders will not just be satisfied with anything ...

Cake decorating

Free game - Cake decorating
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Even the smallest of the small players will certainly enjoy this creative and simple game in which everyone can at will decorate their own cake. There you have candles, marzipan roses, a variety of sweets and goodies. Finally, choose the type frosting, tension, or the color of biscuits. Just perfect…

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