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My New Room 3

Free game - My New Room 3
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In the third sequel to My new room you will again be able to arrange to your liking perfect girl's room. You have a lot of options from choosing the color of furniture through walls and floors as well as pets and themselves inmates room. Everything can change colors, sizes, location ... So there is…

Kitten Maker

Free game - Kitten Maker
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Create your cat completely personalized. You make a small tiger, cheetah, another beast, or prefer cute domestic pet? It all depends on you and what you choose on ears, tail, eyes, color, background ....

My Pony Park

Free game - My Pony Park
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Build your own farm where you breed your horses. Every horse you'll be able to create according to your wishes. And you have options a lot. Just choose from the available options. Then you'll have to build your own farm where you breed horses. Of course, you have to take care of the horses below so…

Barbie bathroom

Free game - Barbie bathroom
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Barbie bathroom is a game designed primarily girls, in which each young lady to unleash their imagination and arrange your doll bathroom of your dreams. And finally to put her Barbie.

Love Chef

Free game - Love Chef
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In this game you must help prepare the perfect Alyssa dinner as you can. You will meet here with the table decorations. Food preparation you will need to do from the very base, and eventually you will have an assessment where you will see what you cook. Here you will find lots of other features and…

Cake decorating

Free game - Cake decorating
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Even the smallest of the small players will certainly enjoy this creative and simple game in which everyone can at will decorate their own cake. There you have candles, marzipan roses, a variety of sweets and goodies. Finally, choose the type frosting, tension, or the color of biscuits. Just perfect…

Free Rider

Free game - Free Rider
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Free Rider is really unusual racing game that will surely surprise you. Racing terrain areas or vehicle to you is not to wait, but you will have to create it yourself. Draw a racetrack therefore, put on her body, choose a background and type of competitor and then falls on the route. Applying your…

Pony Land

Free game - Pony Land
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In this game you have not only one pony, but as many as you want. You can choose according to his ideas and modify the environment where the ponies, and then be put into it gradually ponies. Each one while you can adjust color, mane, or either give different wings and accessories. So up to the…

Perfect pizza

Free game - Perfect pizza
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Take the right pizza to its customers. But beware, you must do exactly as it should be, and your boarders will not just be satisfied with anything ...

Monster High Pet Room

Free game - Monster High Pet Room
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Arrange a special room for a pet of one of the students of Monster High. How will they look like walls, bed, bowl and all the necessary things in the right style haunted?

Daily Necklace Expert

Free game - Daily Necklace Expert
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How do you should look perfect necklace. In this game you will be able to make it exactly to your liking. At the beginning you choose one of the many shapes and then you will just planting stones of all sizes and colors.

Professor Purse

Free game - Professor Purse
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What should your ideal handbag? Try to make one such in this great game. Choose a pattern, types of substances and become a real designer. Eventually you'll be able to make every day a little test to your mood and personality when you into your own bag to collect the things you certainly picked up.

Meme Generator

Free game - Meme Generator
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MEME Create your own comics with these original characters. Here you will have a really large number of characters that you can put a "bubble" and write anything into it. What will your heroes MEME say? Try this simple animations need to make a cartoon ...

Pet Daycare Decoration

Free game - Pet Daycare Decoration
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Arrange for yourself room designed just for caring for pets. It will cats, dogs, parrots or all together? Give them everything necessary such as dens, houses, food and of course, something to play with;)

Breafast in Bed

Free game - Breafast in Bed
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Would you such a breakfast in bed? And you know what you want for her? In this decoration game you will be able to choose on serving small table full breakfast menu from the type of pastry lined to the beautiful flower in a vase.

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