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Gone To The DogsScore game

Free game - Gone To The Dogs
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In this game you play the owner of a racing dog. At the beginning you choose a good but not expensive dog. Beware of money, because you must remain on a registration and training. As soon as you have a trained dog, then go to the track and show what he can do.

PupzzleScore game

Free game - Pupzzle
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Small logical pun, which is more suitable for those smaller thinkers, it is Pupzzle. Help little puppy with simple tasks that met him. You will see that some of the challenges their creativity and surprise you. The whole game will accompany a small puppy with a cap, which for him at the…

Run Bolt Run

Free game - Run Bolt Run
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Bolt is a super dog life full of adventure and an adventure you can enjoy with him. Just when you start this game. The task is to walk the entire route and eliminate all enemies. But even if disposing of enemies, you will not be easy, the way a lot of obstacles that need to be overcome.

I Lost My Puppy

Free game - I Lost My Puppy
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The lost puppy. Help him find lots of similar among males. Its owner will start at the moment shows his photo and then you will have to park to mark the right puppy. In the beginning it will surely be quite simple, but later there will a lot of puppies and similar game is difficult.

Animal Shelter

Free game - Animal Shelter
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If you had a little Tamagotchi is how this game will be very like it. In this game you care about shelter animals, for which you have to worry. You take care of hamsters, cats, dogs and turtles. At the beginning of the game will start a short tutorial that quickly teaches you how to care for these…

Party Pals

Free game - Party Pals
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Party Pals is a game in which you will walk the your furry pets. One cat and one dog. While walking to nezbedobé little bored, you will need to collect as many presents. But be careful, for some must jump nejřív pussy and even her dog.

Big Air - Scooby Doo

Free game - Big Air - Scooby Doo
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In this game you will guide your favorite serials dog Scooby Doo. It means you have to do the task for the highest ramp jump. You need as much as possible and start on one jump. You have three attempts. Scooby Doo as high as you jump through?

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