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Fighting not only for the wedding of Princess dress but also other characters and their makeup, cosmetics.

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Titanic Couple

Free game - Titanic Couple
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Get on board the Titanic film, which is currently one of the most romantic scenes in the bow. What should be the occasion for the heroine wearing? And what hairstyle she will most suit?

Jonas Brothers

Free game - Jonas Brothers
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There's a great dress up game inspired by the popular TV series. What kind of pants, shoes, shirts or T-shirts and a jacket, the hero you to look to your liking?

Barbie Room Dress Up

Free game - Barbie Room Dress Up
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Dress up Barbie doll exactly her style. Here you will have the many beautiful T-shirts, vests, skirts, pants and jackets, you'll be able to be combined. There is also an offer of sexy shoes and accessories.

Clothes shopping

Free game - Clothes shopping
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Which girl or lady would not like shopping and image change. In this super game you will be able to choose from several girls who are completely out in style and take care of their conversion. Buy clothes, shoes and handbags and her charge will be able to take even a hairdresser. On everything but…

3D Fashion Model

Free game - 3D Fashion Model
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There's a great dress up game for girls enthusiastic in fashion. In 3D graphics you'll be able to prepare a fashion show. Put several different models to dress according to your taste and then follow the promenade along the right catwalk.

Funny Fishing

Free game - Funny Fishing
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Attend fishing in extra girlish submission with two beautiful girls Bratz. They fish in the wild or on board a yacht? And what do you dress for the occasion? Everything depends only on your imagination.

French Fiviera

Free game - French Fiviera
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Embark on the French Riviera, where he pulled out to leave two girlfriends. It's up to you how they look and if they will be in a swimsuit on the beach, or even proper tourists with suitcases on the main street. The main thing is to make them properly suited as always!

Walk in the rain

Free game - Walk in the rain
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Take a walk in a rainy day with a beautiful lady in this nice game you definitely discourage bad weather. Choose her hairstyle, clothes, makeup and of course the indispensable umbrella. Make sure that even such a practical thing can be a beautiful fashion accessory.

Rachel Dress Up

Free game - Rachel Dress Up
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There's another classic dess up game in which all girls can express their fashion sense. The variety of clothing surely every young designer selects the best combination that best fits supermodel Rachel.
Free game - Strawberry Shortcake Dressup
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Dress according to your fancy cute girl in one of the beautiful games Strawberry Shortcake. Waiting for you dress, pants, shirts and accessories in nice pastel colors exactly in the style of Strawberry.

Trendy Halloween Costumes

Free game - Trendy Halloween Costumes
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Halloween is approaching, the feast of the dead, and so may be missing a stylish game for girls enthusiastic in fashion. Select the main heroine of the most stylish hairstyle, costume and accessories. Variant super dresses, shoes and masks are many, and some are more beautiful than the other, so do…


Free game - Sakura
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Put The series favorite heroine Sakura. Oblíkačka This is, of course, than in the Japanese style. You can choose from a lot of various T-shirts, blouses, dresses, pants, skirts, stockings, shoes and unusual accessories.

Girls from Monster Cat

Free game - Girls from Monster Cat
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Put two of the beautiful high school students spooky Monster High. They are real cats;) and so in this style as well adjust. Select them the best hairstyle, cool clothes, handbags and shoes.

Forever Friends

Free game - Forever Friends
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Put two inseparable friends. Each will choose her hairstyle, clothes and accessories separately, but eventually meet and keep in mind that suited them together and they can hang out together. Put them to school, city, or to the party?

Jade Bratz

Free game - Jade Bratz
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For all lovers Bratz dolls here is a very nice dress up game with one of them in the lead role. Select to Jade best dress, shirt, pants or skirt. Moreover, it can eventually adjust the catwalk, where they show up. Select the spray pattern, color, and start decorating;)

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