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Free game - Abaku
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This relatively challenging math game you play with a real opponent. Your goal is to collect as many points as possible in composing mathematical examples of past winning numbers that you have available. Your example must always follow the numbers already in the game field and are used for each…

Dora Mermaid Adventure

Free game - Dora Mermaid Adventure
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Again, there is little popular Dora and her adventures. This time, with her head this way below sea level, where Dora turns into a sea Mr. and you need help need to collect valuable gems among the stars and coral reefs.

Pooh´s Brain Games

Free game - Pooh´s Brain Games
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In this game, which will guide your favorite Winnie the Pooh, you will now be able to try three different tasks which will test your perception and brain speed turns. Can you handle the numerical examples, the search for fitting pieces and counting butterflies?


Free game - Mysteriez
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In this game to test your good eye and sensibility, you have to find the image with different themes hidden numbers. For each target species found for points, but you must not click more than once, or wrong, it always will lose ten points. If you can find all the numbers in the time limit, move to…

La Casa de Dora

Free game - La Casa de Dora
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Visit with Dora the big house. Waiting there for you lots of small surprises and fun games such as bingo, clothing, and other search subjects. Check out what the house is moving and how you can use.


Free game - Cuber
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In the game you play for a while on the builders. You will face gravity and other physical phenomena. Your task will be to build a building that the ball does not fall. The ball will fall from a great height and it must not fall apart or anything from your building. The game is very fun but a brain…
Free game - Word Search Game Play 87
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In the English game, both can practice English vocabulary. And your observation. Because you will find the English words on a large panel full of letters. Once you find a word, highlight it and drag the mouse over all the letters. If you succeed, so it disappears from the board and you can find the…

Math Challenge

Free game - Math Challenge
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This game is more for enthusiasts of mathematics. Since this will only deal with mathematical numbers. At the beginning you will see the board, and will be your task to the examples that appear in it will add the result. Examples are not easy but you will see that in time everyone succumbs to the…

Plop Art Sudoku

Free game - Plop Art Sudoku
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Plop Art Sudoku Sudoku is the unusual form in which the familiar grid neosazují sequence, but images. Each player from the same time can choose from several levels of difficulty and the game simply controlled by a mouse. Progress in their performance can then be monitored through the timer, which…

Sudoku Original

Free game - Sudoku Original
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A very original game that became a hit immediately. Sudoku this game has very simple rules. The game is not so much about mathematics as logic. The rules are very simple, the boxes can place the number 1 to 9 But this number is not in the line must be repeated twice.

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Free game - Happy Wheels
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Free game - Duck Shooter
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Free game - Prehistorik 2
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