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Fat Warrior 2

Free game - Fat Warrior 2
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In this game your task is to save parents, but once you save them anything that does not stop there. Just because you go after the goblins destroy mages. The game plays quite nicely, control is excellent and the graphics are not bad, so what are you waiting for.

SteppenWolf - 1

Free game - SteppenWolf - 1
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In the first part of this great adventure in Steppenwolf need as quickly and as quietly as possible while getting a robbery ship. Expect lots of riddles and puzzles that you have to decipher that you ended the game successfully. Good luck!

SteppenWolf - 2

Free game - SteppenWolf - 2
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New heavy task awaits you in the next sequel popular game Steppenwolf. In the first part you've certainly managed to get the boat robbery, but this time we expect even bigger and more challenging task úkol.Musíte enough to escape from a village full of natives.

Lost Head

Free game - Lost Head
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A little girl lost her head. This really is not very original game, your task nothing less than a girl her head again to find help. While searching you will need to thoroughly go through the whole city, looking for things to use them so it made ​​sense to try to find out where the head is hidden.

Dark Cut

Free game - Dark Cut
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They played you like the doctor? Now you have the opportunity again. And in a rather medieval administration. You do not really have a specific method, such as your patients to remove an arrow from his feet. The only condition is that the patient survived and not died. This game reminds half…

Doctor Ku Kitchen

Free game - Doctor Ku Kitchen
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In this game you get to the stylish kitchen ugly environment, ruled by evil chef. You, as his assistant to flee from there, but nothing is just as important things you need to collect and properly is used to make your escape plan came out.

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