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Hobo Prison Brawl

Free game - Hobo Prison Brawl
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In the next game, super brutal bully Hobe favorites to get to the prison, where he was bound to implement its behavior. But even here, of course, is no saint, seeking every possible conflict and struggles with each and every. Help him win all his fights.

Warfare 1944

Free game - Warfare 1944
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Very good strategy game where you play as a party of Germans and Americans as a party. In the game you defend or conquer the enemy that wants to occupy. Gradually getting more and more soldiers who have different functions. Soldiers can enter various tasks that have possibilities. The game is…

Hobo 4 Total War

Free game - Hobo 4 Total War
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Your goal in the game will beat all the enemies as you build. First, you fight with the soldiers, and later with the civilians. As you move to the next rounds, always get a new combo that makes you stronger. You will also receive a password after a checkpoint through which skip levels already…

ArcaneScore game

Free game - Arcane
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In this game you are a beginner gladiator. Who came to school, where he must zocelit. The game will accrue from the beginning to handle badly but then find that the control is in essence simple. The main thing is this game a few times to try to discover how to operate. After that everything goes by…

Sword and Sandals 3

Free game - Sword and Sandals 3
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Create a fighter all of your dreams. In this game, where gladiators fought each other from around the world, you can choose absolutely everything, including opponents and then vydobývat money, and various magic tricks that will help you further action arena.


Free game - Soldiers
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You became a soldier and you are in charge of the most important mission. At the beginning of the mission will be easy to learn to control you. Then everything will be just up to you how you do it. Style of play is up to you and strategy as well. The main thing is that you have survived so what do…

Sharp Trigger 2

Free game - Sharp Trigger 2
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Become Marines. So one could probably explain this whole game. You landed on enemy territory where you have all killed. Operation is very simple, do not forget to rotate the gun because you do not always have a charge. At the beginning you learn to deal with the game where you show everything.

The Serum Aftermath

Free game - The Serum Aftermath
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Very hilarious game where you fight back the zombies. In the game you can really enjoy themselves. Because the zombie will be here a lot. In addition, to help you have a friend who will be watching your back. Your main task is to light a fire, burn it only with the help of gasoline you have to…

Sharp Trigger

Free game - Sharp Trigger
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In this game you are on a mission where you rescue prisoners. Are you with two other colleagues, but most will still work for you. So be careful and be smart, the enemy is everywhere.

Transformer 3

Free game - Transformer 3
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In this game you have to play as Optimus. Its mission is to destroy all the space ships. All controls are very simple. When you move the screen with arrows. And if you want to shoot so just to press the space bar.

The King of Fighters Wing

Free game - The King of Fighters Wing
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Game for the fresh one, but what is better for two friends who want to weigh virtually forces. The available you will have many special kicks, punches, evasive maneuvers, ... Just fighting game as it should be.


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Become Prepere karate and all. You will have great power, but that they will do so at first opponent. Then you'll need nothing but observation and concentration. In the top left you will see their lives so you have to be careful that they have ended. Amp is the best alternate.

Age of War 2

Free game - Age of War 2
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Very popular game in which you can again enjoy our website. This time in a new form. The game has to hunt better handling than its original version. You will also find a much better control and graphics. It is true that in the beginning you will control a little fight, because the whole game…

Ninja turtles

Free game - Ninja turtles
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Surely you remember as a little ninja turtles. This game is exactly such as you remember all the serial parts and also from the magazine. The graphics are fairly decent and the controls are simple. You will receive tasks that you need to perform. These missions are very different and do not worry…

Death Worm

Free game - Death Worm
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Ancient worm woke up and plagues all of Egypt. Your happiness is that you are playing a role in the worm, so you can destroy and harass local residents. Your main activity is to eat anything that moves on the surface. And not only humans but also animals cars and aircraft. On the plane you need to…

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