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Sift Renegade

Free game - Sift Renegade
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Take the main hero in the game Sift Renegade mafia headquarters and avenge the death of your brother, who was cruelly murdered by mafia clans. However, until you get to the actual boss, you have to first consult with a number of warriors who protect their seat properly.

Sharp Trigger 2

Free game - Sharp Trigger 2
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Become Marines. So one could probably explain this whole game. You landed on enemy territory where you have all killed. Operation is very simple, do not forget to rotate the gun because you do not always have a charge. At the beginning you learn to deal with the game where you show everything.

Sift Renegade 2

Free game - Sift Renegade 2
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Sift Renegade 2 is an action fighting game in which the hero named Vinnie go to war against enemies great superiority. Only with a sword in your hand you must destroy anyone who stands in your way and so to move again a bit further.

Sharp Trigger

Free game - Sharp Trigger
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In this game you are on a mission where you rescue prisoners. Are you with two other colleagues, but most will still work for you. So be careful and be smart, the enemy is everywhere.


Free game - Khronos
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The brutal fighting game Khronos to go into hell itself, to destroy all demons and dark forces that threaten the whole earth. To give you a chance to win over the Devils, to help you special attacks, but you have to handle the rest yourself.
Free game - Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman
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Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman is an action fighting game in which you start with Batman to fight crime. Even if you have superhuman abilities, to defeat horde of enemies will not be easy. If you want to win, you must not have no mercy with your opponents and you must kill them before they destroy…

Sword and Sandals 3

Free game - Sword and Sandals 3
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Create a fighter all of your dreams. In this game, where gladiators fought each other from around the world, you can choose absolutely everything, including opponents and then vydobývat money, and various magic tricks that will help you further action arena.

Pacma Fight

Free game - Pacma Fight
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A great fighting game with an old friend Pacman. Even in this game is not about collecting marbles as ever, but is much more action. Beware of monsters, shoot them and get to your destination!

Mobs Down

Free game - Mobs Down
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The Mobs Down the street is getting a lot of enemies that you want left over. You have to beat to get to safety. Weapons can be obtained only from their enemies in a way that discharges them in the face of battle. Constantly but watch your back, the street fighting by the rules ...

Magi: The Fallen World

Free game - Magi: The Fallen World
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A great adventure game that will entertain boys and girls. You will need the arts and tactics of direct combat. As against some enemies, you will be able to stand face to face, but will need another trick. This game is not the only right way, you can freely explore the virtual world and gather…

Dragon Age Remix

Free game - Dragon Age Remix
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Very hilarious flash game that takes you to into the distant past. Early on you through the very good tutorial that teaches you how to deal with the figure. You jump fence killing monsters and bosses. Of course in this game and combos. Your character, you can improve, and buy up all sorts of armor.

Knight Age Christmas

Free game - Knight Age Christmas
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Fight in fierce duels against a large number of enemies and become a real knight so great in game Knight Age Christmas. At the start of each duel you choose the speed at which your opponent to start and then just enough copies of the reports to target and destroy the so of your opponent.

Fat Warrior 2

Free game - Fat Warrior 2
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In this game your task is to save parents, but once you save them anything that does not stop there. Just because you go after the goblins destroy mages. The game plays quite nicely, control is excellent and the graphics are not bad, so what are you waiting for.

Epic Defender

Free game - Epic Defender
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In this game you have a gun and the main task is to protect the gun. Since this gun will definitely easy to figure out how. Shoot on all that moves and dispose of all the enemy soldiers. With more and more levels you will attack more and more troops as well as from several sides. But you have a…

PR Fight training

Free game - PR Fight training
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Fight like good Power Rangers. Early on, you have to beat some Ninja. When you do so will come at the end boss. The controls are a bit jagged but it can be used to it.

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