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Crazy Flasher

Free game - Crazy Flasher
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In this game you become a mercenary who will fight for money. At each level, because you have to destroy a lot of enemies and get it for financial reward, for that you can then buy weapons. For a lost battle but you have to pay on the contrary, or end the game.


Free game - Achilles
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In this game you become a mythical hero Achilles, which is going through the battlefield and try to defeat all the enemy soldiers. In each level you expect several different opponent and at the end of level against you is strong barefoot. The game difficulty increases gradually and against you is…

The King of Fighters Wing

Free game - The King of Fighters Wing
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Game for the fresh one, but what is better for two friends who want to weigh virtually forces. The available you will have many special kicks, punches, evasive maneuvers, ... Just fighting game as it should be.

Sword and Sandals 3

Free game - Sword and Sandals 3
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Create a fighter all of your dreams. In this game, where gladiators fought each other from around the world, you can choose absolutely everything, including opponents and then vydobývat money, and various magic tricks that will help you further action arena.

Ninja Stealth

Free game - Ninja Stealth
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In this game you have a very simple task, take all the money and kill all enemies. The game is very good in fact that if you squeeze repeatedly jumping to jump really high. It is also be possible to pop up the wall. Well just Ninja. The best way is to try things out in advance so that you became…

Warfare 1944

Free game - Warfare 1944
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Very good strategy game where you play as a party of Germans and Americans as a party. In the game you defend or conquer the enemy that wants to occupy. Gradually getting more and more soldiers who have different functions. Soldiers can enter various tasks that have possibilities. The game is…


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Become Prepere karate and all. You will have great power, but that they will do so at first opponent. Then you'll need nothing but observation and concentration. In the top left you will see their lives so you have to be careful that they have ended. Amp is the best alternate.

PR Fight training

Free game - PR Fight training
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Fight like good Power Rangers. Early on, you have to beat some Ninja. When you do so will come at the end boss. The controls are a bit jagged but it can be used to it.

Transformer 3

Free game - Transformer 3
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In this game you have to play as Optimus. Its mission is to destroy all the space ships. All controls are very simple. When you move the screen with arrows. And if you want to shoot so just to press the space bar.

Sharp Trigger 2

Free game - Sharp Trigger 2
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Become Marines. So one could probably explain this whole game. You landed on enemy territory where you have all killed. Operation is very simple, do not forget to rotate the gun because you do not always have a charge. At the beginning you learn to deal with the game where you show everything.

The Serum Aftermath

Free game - The Serum Aftermath
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Very hilarious game where you fight back the zombies. In the game you can really enjoy themselves. Because the zombie will be here a lot. In addition, to help you have a friend who will be watching your back. Your main task is to light a fire, burn it only with the help of gasoline you have to…

Dragon Age Remix

Free game - Dragon Age Remix
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Very hilarious flash game that takes you to into the distant past. Early on you through the very good tutorial that teaches you how to deal with the figure. You jump fence killing monsters and bosses. Of course in this game and combos. Your character, you can improve, and buy up all sorts of armor.

Castle Crusade

Free game - Castle Crusade
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In this game you will decide how the king and win the war. Since you still have problems with someone so you fight. The main task in this game is, of course, win. And it becomes the only way that you always have the upper hand and will properly distribute tasks. On the top you will see a panel that…


Free game - Soldiers
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You became a soldier and you are in charge of the most important mission. At the beginning of the mission will be easy to learn to control you. Then everything will be just up to you how you do it. Style of play is up to you and strategy as well. The main thing is that you have survived so what do…

Epic Defender

Free game - Epic Defender
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In this game you have a gun and the main task is to protect the gun. Since this gun will definitely easy to figure out how. Shoot on all that moves and dispose of all the enemy soldiers. With more and more levels you will attack more and more troops as well as from several sides. But you have a…

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