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Blade StrikerScore game

Free game - Blade Striker
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In this game you can pour in a helicopter and transport goods that gives your superiors order. The way you fly you have to literally shoot our way, because your enemies are waiting everywhere. After the road transport at several packages with humanitarian aid and you have to be careful that you did…

Jet Velocity 3DScore game

Free game - Jet Velocity 3D
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Try this great 3D game where you can pour a great fighter. Plays designed as a racing aircraft, so you have to get to the finish first. Do not forget to collect bonuses along the way that you were faster.
Free game - Airport Mania First Flight
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Airport Mania First Flight from which you want to look away if you start one. But it's worth it! In charge of the airport with cute planes. You need time to guide the landing to the terminal for loading and unloading passengers and let them fly again. For each operation, you get points. It is…

Air TransporterScore game

Free game - Air Transporter
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This very simple game will certainly serve well as oddechovka. Control in this game is very simple, although it seems the exact opposite. The movement of helicopters can be controlled using the mouse. And the rest of the functions using the keyboard. Of course, this game will be counted as time that…

Skies Of War

Free game - Skies Of War
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As a pilot you are deployed in the war and its decision is up to you. Vzlítnete from the airport and you must destroy enemy forces. But be careful for a while after you go and airplanes, so you'll have quite enough work to have survived. Of course there is a large arsenal of weapons that can vary.

Starship Hunter 3DRECOMMEND

Free game - Starship Hunter 3D
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Take your fighter in air combat missions and as an aviation hero, stand the large number of enemy aircraft. For every downed enemy and get points for successful completion of the mission, you will always be able to for your aircraft collected points to improve.

Transformers tunnel rush

Free game - Transformers tunnel rush
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In this unusual game, Transformers is your special robot combat aircraft. He rushes through the tunnel closed with a number of obstacles, but also the ranking of shooting targets. You as the pilots have to avoid all the obstacles, everything down and convenient to have the best time. This game will…

Wind Rider

Free game - Wind Rider
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In a racing game on the wind glider. The task is to defeat all opponents. If you win it will open another location in which you compete. The way you will build an enemy in the form of dragons and other enemies of the gliders. In the game you can enjoy special places, which will accelerate. You also…


Free game - TU-46
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Play a sophisticated flight simulator and transport the passengers from one airport to another in perfect game TU-46. Before the first trip to the clouds is needed to study the control well, as even the slightest mistake can cost a life for you and your passengers.

Star Wars

Free game - Star Wars
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In this game you have to worry about enemy aircraft strafing the dark forces. Task but it definitely will not be easy. Because the planes are very fast and definitely do not want to have them shot down. Therefore, you must be quick and shoot as if you were killed.

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