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Fun games not only for the smallest little girls with an interest in nails, cleaning, and decorative models games or children's games. Latest cool games for the girls and girls with an interest in Barbie games.

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My New Room 3

Free game - My New Room 3
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In the third sequel to My new room you will again be able to arrange to your liking perfect girl's room. You have a lot of options from choosing the color of furniture through walls and floors as well as pets and themselves inmates room. Everything can change colors, sizes, location ... So there is…
Free game - Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing
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This game is one of the most popular farming series of games. Or rather games where something grow and then you have to sell. In this game you are in charge of fish. When you are well on their care and feeding of these fish will have to sell caviar. For sale and you can get money to buy new…
Free game - Sara´s Cooking Class California Rolls
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There's a strict teacher Cooking Sara, the time you make a California roll, which is basically sushi. Sarah not relieve you anything and so in her kitchen, you must always prepare all the dishes and ingredients themselves and continued to follow her advice. You will see that you are worth the effort…

Horse Race

Free game - Horse Race
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This very funny horse riding simulator will appeal to everyone. Very good graphics adds flair to this vital game. The game takes place on a race track where you have to skip a lot of obstacles. To know that you skip the first obstacle and where to go jump on, so it will direct you to the orange…
Free game - Farm Frenzy 3 Pizza Party
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Would you like to try the life of farmers, but do not want to dirty your hands from the mud and hard work? Then be sure not to miss the third part of the popular Game Farm Frenzy. An interesting strategy in an environment full of sheep, cows, geese and other livestock. The principle of the game…

Farm Frenzy 1

Free game - Farm Frenzy 1
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Farm Frenzy is another favorite farm games to test your quick orientation, good decision-making and economic skills. With this truly hilarious pun not even stop for a moment. The game has several levels of multi-stage, where your main task to obtain the required amount of money or buy a…

Professor Purse

Free game - Professor Purse
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What should your ideal handbag? Try to make one such in this great game. Choose a pattern, types of substances and become a real designer. Eventually you'll be able to make every day a little test to your mood and personality when you into your own bag to collect the things you certainly picked up.

Pizza ProntoScore game

Free game - Pizza Pronto
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You opened his pizzeria, and now you have to get all worried about her. You'll have to start with basic recipes that you learn. Each pizza is made from something else so it'll have to learn. Place oven microwave oven is used here. At the beginning you experienced chef zaučí and then it will be just…

Horse Athletics

Free game - Horse Athletics
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In this game you can have your own horse and race him in the Olympics. You choose from all disciplines - normal run, jump, jump across the water. Try to pop in the best time and beat your opponents.

Milk Truck

Free game - Milk Truck
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In this game you play the milkman. At the beginning of the route you to the car, it is important that goods delivered to their seats. It is located at the end of the route. The car is stable on the whole but if you hover on the steeper hills it is better to compensate. This is done by arrows up or…
Free game - Hannah Montana's Music Adventure
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The Hannah Montana game consists of two podher. First, the singer can wear make-up and according to their wishes, and then collect various items for which you receive points.

Kiss Kiss Paradise

Free game - Kiss Kiss Paradise
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Cheating girlfriend certainly is not nice. The young man in this game, but still wants to flirt with passers beauty and Miss him it shall not see. Can you help him in it and guess the right moments?

Dawn of the Celebs

Free game - Dawn of the Celebs
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In this game everywhere will be going very well known celebrities, but rather as a dangerous zombie. And their goal is not your new beautiful limousine. You have to get rid of them shot before they manage to get to your car and destroy it.

Kitten Maker

Free game - Kitten Maker
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Create your cat completely personalized. You make a small tiger, cheetah, another beast, or prefer cute domestic pet? It all depends on you and what you choose on ears, tail, eyes, color, background ....

Mall Brawl

Free game - Mall Brawl
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Robots invaded shopping center. Choose to start a girl you want to play and dispose of all robots. All important information is always to learn the event. Mainly you have to be careful that you did not hit any of the robots, because if it happened several times so the game ends. On the top left you…

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