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Fun games not only for the smallest little girls with an interest in nails, cleaning, and decorative models games or children's games. Latest cool games for the girls and girls with an interest in Barbie games.

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The Jump Game

Free game - The Jump Game
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In this game you find yourself on the beach, where you get care of the beautiful horses. Your task is to jump over obstacles such as alluvial different barrels, branches, old furniture ... and bump into anything. For every obstacle to get points. How many can you upload to using all five lives?
Free game - Jennifer Rose: Car Service
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There's a nice Jennifer Rose, who opened a car wash this time. Help her organize her most effective new business and earn as much money as possible. The money from satisfied customers can buy after every round various improvements such as new employees are needed who will help them work faster.…
Free game - Jennifer Rose: Cat Grooming
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Jennifer Rose this time decided to watch cats. To be successful in time to fulfill all their wishes feeding them, giving them the cat sand, play with them and cuddle. With one or two is not easy, but cats start to grow ... In addition, there's her boyfriend, which also requires attention and she has…
Free game - Farm Frenzy 3 American Pie
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Continuing the successful game farm. where the animals are growing and their products continue to process and sell. In this game you care to process the turkeys and their eggs. To further selling in the market, but be careful you must be careful because a lot of covert bears who would not like to…

Super Nail Salon

Free game - Super Nail Salon
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Super Nail Salon is really realistic and sophisticated game in which you make a complete manicure. Selects the color shade and mice really nalakujete each nail separately. You have so a number of ornaments that you can zoom in and out differently. Hands then dozdobíte rings and all kinds of gloves,…

Yummy Yogurt

Free game - Yummy Yogurt
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This will also check the cooking of your observation and accuracy. To cope with the whole process is the preparation of delicious salads, every step you need to demonstrate their skills and quickly cut, cook and do everything necessary. At the end of you as a reward waiting for decorating the rest…
Free game - Jumporama 2 Cross Country
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Hilarious game that is not just for girls. This game is mainly for observation, when you really need to sharpen vision. because if you jump too late or poorly and you fall from a horse. The challenge in this game is to get your horse the longest stretch of track. If you manage not to fall earn bonus…

The ice cream Parlour

Free game - The ice cream Parlour
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Become a service in the ice cream stand and feed his desire to eager customers and customers with. Everyone wants something different and you have to quickly make and sell ice cream into cone, cups and juices to keep everyone happy and would not go. Per day can earn enough money to advance to the…
Free game - Cooking Passion Dinner Party
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Prepare a full dinner menu in a super game, where you yourself try everything. According to the instructions of your guide you to add ingredients, stir, boil, bake, everything you will need.

Red Dollhouse Makeover

Free game - Red Dollhouse Makeover
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Pro všechny milovnice zařizování, je tady domeček pro panenky, ve kterém je spousta nábytku a doplňků v pěkném červeném ladění. Je jen na Vás, je všechno uspořádáte, kde se rozhodnete že bude ložnice, kuchyň nebo obývací pokoj...
Free game - Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette
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Another hilarious series of farming, this time there are growing ducks and collect their eggs. But, like every game it's not just that easy, all the time you need to watch out for bears. Since those would you be able to dispose of all ducks, and it would have had the investment.

Papa's Taco Mia!

Free game - Papa's Taco Mia!
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You have won the competition and as a reward you can do in Taco restaurant. This is a newly opened restaurant is very important to make a good impression. Therefore, you must try. At the beginning you have to take orders. Then it quickly into the kitchen. The meat on the stove and other ingredients.…

Office Slacking

Free game - Office Slacking
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This perfect game consisting of several interesting mini-games that will appeal mainly girls, you are put to young girls who are bored in their work. Working on her computer and does not want to look for every free moment that she could paint nails, chat with friends or to depict. Will you help her…

Daily Necklace Expert

Free game - Daily Necklace Expert
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How do you should look perfect necklace. In this game you will be able to make it exactly to your liking. At the beginning you choose one of the many shapes and then you will just planting stones of all sizes and colors.

Meme Generator

Free game - Meme Generator
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MEME Create your own comics with these original characters. Here you will have a really large number of characters that you can put a "bubble" and write anything into it. What will your heroes MEME say? Try this simple animations need to make a cartoon ...

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