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Fun games not only for the smallest little girls with an interest in nails, cleaning, and decorative models games or children's games. Latest cool games for the girls and girls with an interest in Barbie games.

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Monster High Coloring 2

Free game - Monster High Coloring 2
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For all lovers of Monster High series and there's super heroes coloring, which will certainly come into their own. According to the series, the master or his imagination will be able to paint several supernatural students.

Snip And Style Salon

Free game - Snip And Style Salon
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Great game for all the little hairdresser. You have before us a beautiful blonde hair that can do according to his fancy, or according to a predetermined pattern. At the end you will be rated according to how much you will hairstyle as shown. It's about what you choose at the beginning.

Party Deorasyon

Free game - Party Deorasyon
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Imagine that you are planning to celebrate. For what occasion would it be? How to select entertainment, decorations, music or cake? All you'll get in this game choose from a number of variants from the floor up to the window view.

Janes Hotel 2

Free game - Janes Hotel 2
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In this game you are a hotel manager but has a large debt with the bank so that you can repay this debt must be rotated as possible. You have to try to keep the bike until you earn some money. But I have for you and good news. The game is basically very simple, you're at you and two other employees…

Makeover Designer 2

Free game - Makeover Designer 2
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In this great game for all the girls you will modify the image of the whole family at once. Change hairstyle, clothes and accessories a young couple and their little baby. They will be together all throw each other or make any other style?

Forever Friends

Free game - Forever Friends
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Put two inseparable friends. Each will choose her hairstyle, clothes and accessories separately, but eventually meet and keep in mind that suited them together and they can hang out together. Put them to school, city, or to the party?

Momma Diner

Free game - Momma Diner
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In this game you may not be entirely classically only cook, but you become a full-service bistro. You will have to serve, often a lot of big, hungry people - bring them to the table, give them food and clean up the table.

Burger Restaurant

Free game - Burger Restaurant
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In the game Burger Restaurant'll do my own restaurant for hamburgers. Your task will be to make food according to customer demand, which will grow more and more, and you'll have them cope. The increasing number of levels, but they will be added in addition to work for the money and you'll be able to…

Duhový dort

Free game - Duhový dort
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Upečte skvělý duhový dort. Že nevíte jak na to? Nevadí, tato hra Vás podrobně navede, abyste to určitě zvládli a Váš dort vypadal moc krásně.

Lemon Cake

Free game - Lemon Cake
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For all those who like to cook and bake, there is a sophisticated game in which you learn how to make lemon cake. Waiting for you preparation of ingredients, mixing, baking ... Everything that is needed in the manufacture of cake.

Cookie Maker

Free game - Cookie Maker
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Verify your observation and speed in very nice game in which you will operate a production line for crackers. Make cookies exactly as ordered and give them the right shape, color, toppings and decorations.

Pony Run

Free game - Pony Run
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There is another beautiful game with ponies. Choose one of three cute ponies and go with him to the race track. Obstacles are waiting for you to be in advancing levelech increase. You must always be on time skip. In addition to successful jumping is also about time. His champion drag the mouse to…
Free game - Pony Spot The Difference
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Do you like ponies? And do you tease your brain? Then you'll really like this puzzle game. You will be required to seek between two very similar pictures of ponies and the smallest differences. How quickly can you find it all?

Witches' Brew

Free game - Witches' Brew
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In this game you play a young witch who has the task to produce an elixir. To you it will be easier to have on hand a large lexicon potions. According to him, it is necessary to cook the potion. If you keep your ingredients and their quantities so after mixing the potion turns yellow and begins to…

Cake Shop 2

Free game - Cake Shop 2
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There is the sequel popular game in which you become a pastry chef and serves its customers' palates. But this time, do not just cakes, but cakes, coffee and other good things. And hurry up, the sooner you earn enough money, the sooner you will be my little candy store beautifully equipped and able…

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