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Mimi Paint

Free game - Mimi Paint
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Paint a very nice picture for doll gingerbread house. What you perníčkům color, clothes for the doll and the surrounding landscape? Everything will look like in reality, or let your imagination a little carried away?

ClickPLAY! Rainbow 2Score game

Free game - ClickPLAY! Rainbow 2
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The second part of the Puzzle ClikPlay Rainbow brings you a new batch of minigames in which your task will be to discover a black arrow. But before you get to the arrow must correctly solve the riddle or logic puzzle that you expect in each round.

Peter the Penguin

Free game - Peter the Penguin
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Take the game Peter the Penguin with a little penguin on a long journey through the Antarctica and try to prevent global warming. But first you need to overcome the amount of dangerous obstacles in your way and all that could quickly destroy your expedition.

ClickPLAY RainbowScore game

Free game - ClickPLAY Rainbow
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ClickPLAY Rainbow is a series of fun mini-games that will please the little ones, but also many adults. In every minigame will be your job to get themselves into black-and-white arrow that is pressed will move you to the next round. The arrow is usually hidden in the playing area, or you must decode…

GoGo Puzzle PetsScore game

Free game - GoGo Puzzle Pets
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Enjoy a different kind of memory game. You will search for pairs of identical images to then disappeared. But here the similarity ends. Images are in several layers and not always just two, but a few (for a pair of different layers get more points). For bad attempts you will additionally read lives.


Free game - Snoring
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Throw an elephant at this nice puzzle game that will certainly appeal to the smallest, who like to think. With the help of other animals, and their rolling, jumping and tumbling will be to achieve that elephant fell off a cliff. Can you make it more difficult in all the rounds?

Dance to it!

Free game - Dance to it!
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Dance to get together with cute Miss Strawberry Shortcake. This game, which is also suitable for the youngest dancers, test your memory. To proceed to the next round and a little girl dancing herky, you need to click on the images in the same order, which will be shown in the template.

Arty Coloring

Free game - Arty Coloring
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They're very nice coloring book where you will gradually be able to paint several pictures of successful animals. Pictures are not very rugged making this online coloring will certainly enjoy even the smallest children.
Free game - Pony Spot The Difference
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Do you like ponies? And do you tease your brain? Then you'll really like this puzzle game. You will be required to seek between two very similar pictures of ponies and the smallest differences. How quickly can you find it all?

ClickPLAY Quickfire 2Score game

Free game - ClickPLAY Quickfire 2
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Game ClickPLAY Quickfire 2 is composed of a series of minigames in which you will need to involve logical thinking and quick reactions. In each minigame you will have another task, and only the correct solution can you move to the next round.

Pooh´s Brain Games

Free game - Pooh´s Brain Games
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In this game, which will guide your favorite Winnie the Pooh, you will now be able to try three different tasks which will test your perception and brain speed turns. Can you handle the numerical examples, the search for fitting pieces and counting butterflies?

Dora Mermaid Adventure

Free game - Dora Mermaid Adventure
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Again, there is little popular Dora and her adventures. This time, with her head this way below sea level, where Dora turns into a sea Mr. and you need help need to collect valuable gems among the stars and coral reefs.

Whiskered Away

Free game - Whiskered Away
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Do you like the movie Shrek? Then you will certainly enjoy this game with really great graphics, where the main characters are two of Shrekových friends - Puss and Donkey. Your task is to help them successfully get over rocks. Puss Donkey carries on his back and he always has the right moment to…

Pony Adventure

Free game - Pony Adventure
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Pony Adventure is a great game for little longer for game enthusiasts, and for horses, but gives them the opportunity to further develop, as it is again quite simple. At the beginning you get a pony and a girl that you can adapt them, dress them and arrange a house, you have to travel a long way and…

Gretel and Hansel 2

Free game - Gretel and Hansel 2
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The second part of adventure Hansel and Gretel you again transferred to the fabulous world where you have to help Hansel and Gretel get out of the vicious forest. Death lurks at every step, so be careful and help children find the right way.

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