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Free game - Skywire
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Skywire is a relatively simple fun game where your task is to transport passengers by cable car. You will always be in charge figure with three and must be safely transferred from one place to another. In doing so you will stand in the way (and wheeling!) Various obstacles. Will you bring all the…

Go Kart Go Turbo

Free game - Go Kart Go Turbo
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This game is very hilarious in 3D and offers you a good ride for two. But that's not all because the way you are set by the various pitfalls which have to be careful. But if you collect along the way various yellow packages, you can use against your opponents and remove their car. So awake behind…

PupzzleScore game

Free game - Pupzzle
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Small logical pun, which is more suitable for those smaller thinkers, it is Pupzzle. Help little puppy with simple tasks that met him. You will see that some of the challenges their creativity and surprise you. The whole game will accompany a small puppy with a cap, which for him at the…

Monkey go happy 3Score game

Free game - Monkey go happy 3
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The third is another sequel to this unfortunate monkeys, you have to cheer you. Of course, some monkey not laugh mockery but the fulfillment of the task that awaits you in each series of minigames. In this game you load counts clicks, so you have enough time to think. Main in this game is not to be…

Monkey go happy 2Score game

Free game - Monkey go happy 2
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It is the continuation of other games where you try to make a small orange monkey happy. The game is based on the fundamental knowledge which will act for every click counts. The aim of this game is to come up to the task that is different in each minigame. The challenge lies in a good observation…


Free game - Smurfs
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Help build Smurfs car. Mechanic smurf has a car and do not know how it is folded so that he needs someone to help with that. In return I will again suggest, at least you will know what belongs where.

Monkey go happyScore game

Free game - Monkey go happy
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In this hilarious series of minigames to proceed with a second try to cheer monkey. But it's not as simple as monkey rejoice when we'll only task. These tasks are simple rules or have a system that you need to come. Anyway, since this second version differs in that you do not count mouse clicks but…

DroppyScore game

Free game - Droppy
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This game is one of the logical, but do not always know exactly what you are looking for. In each episode of the game you are completing another task. But the main one is, you have to find some thing and combine it somehow. Then you can use in the game, I would say that common sense is needed but…
Free game - Tom a Jerry: Refriger Raiders
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This twin restless again intervenes. You can choose at what figure you want to play. If for Jerry and Tom. In each game you have other tasks but do not worry forces are balanced. So what are you waiting for come and try it.
Free game - SpongeBob Trail of the Snail
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In this game you will find Spongeho best friend, while he played with Sponge bat as he lost his friend snail. Other friends tell him where he finds a snail but they must perform their tasks.

Pet Grooming Studio

Free game - Pet Grooming Studio
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The game is for every little lady who would like to have your cat or dog to be able to take care of him. In this game your mission is to perfectly take care of the cat or dog that he can choose at the beginning. Animal in this game think, wash, usušíte, clean his teeth and much more. Come on, let's…

La Casa de Dora

Free game - La Casa de Dora
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Visit with Dora the big house. Waiting there for you lots of small surprises and fun games such as bingo, clothing, and other search subjects. Check out what the house is moving and how you can use.

Horseland Dress Up

Free game - Horseland Dress Up
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Design a horse and then print it with the jockey. The pony you can try to put a lot of things, from the beautiful colored ribbons saddle. Just everything you can think of. And you had your horse monument so it can be printed.

Sue little witch

Free game - Sue little witch
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Sue is a little witch, and you just mix a potion to change form. Help her choose the right ingredients to make it happen again baby, cat, or princess. The selection of bottles, fruit, or animals of ingredients you will do just simple mouse control.
Free game - Pony Spot The Difference
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Do you like ponies? And do you tease your brain? Then you'll really like this puzzle game. You will be required to seek between two very similar pictures of ponies and the smallest differences. How quickly can you find it all?

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