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Deluxe Pool

Free game - Deluxe Pool
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Pool Deluxe is a great game in which you play another type of pool. You can play alone or against a friend. As always it comes to "drown" the right ball (the color will show above the table) in the shortest possible time. So good aim and use the correct power shot.

Pheus and Mor

Free game - Pheus and Mor
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Pheus and Mor is a puzzle platform game in which your task is to help the boy and his dog find a way of intricate and challenging levels. Getting to your destination is only possible by their cooperation. The game, however, among other things, will also require a good dose of logical thinking that…

Sci Fighters

Free game - Sci Fighters
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Sci Fighters Racing is a game that takes place in a future that is full of monsters able to eat any man alive. You will be with three other representatives of the human species before this monster run, but will try to destroy the other. Anyone who stays in the game becomes the latest winner.

Office minigolf

Free game - Office minigolf
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Are you bored at work and need something to relax and have fun? Try a fun mini office in a great minigolf. The game can even play up to four players on one computer in the office but rather do not try.

Sports Heads FootballRECOMMEND

Free game - Sports Heads Football
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Great sport and fun game in which you become a footballer. That is pretty funny looking football head, which is obviously trying to score your opponent. Although only playing one on one (in this game you can play against a friend), it is not easy to advance to the next round.

Bubble trouble

Free game - Bubble trouble
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The first part of the great games Bubble Trouble, in which character you play as an evil pig you must avoid jumping killer bullets. What's more, you must be vystřelováním cables (straight up) divide repeatedly until it disappears. Then stop your piggy bank and threaten you to the next level where…


Free game - Abaku
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This relatively challenging math game you play with a real opponent. Your goal is to collect as many points as possible in composing mathematical examples of past winning numbers that you have available. Your example must always follow the numbers already in the game field and are used for each…


Free game - Reversi
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Reversi is an interesting online game in which you go about it, get as many stones of his color. You can get encirclement opponent. At each turn you put a stone on the open field so that the stone was your least one opponent. He then turns to your color. The game ends when you fill up the entire…


Free game - Backgammon
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Backgammon is one of the truly ancient and popular board games, which is experiencing a glorious return to the online form. In addition to strategic skills you'll need a little luck, your procedure determined by dice throws. Your task is to move all your stones in the upper (or lower) corner of the…


Free game - Warships
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Do you like game Warships? Maybe secretly at school? Deploying their barges, tankers and sailboats over squared paper what nejrafinovaněji to his opponent missed estimates and try to estimate its position? Then this game is right for you, and with real players online!


Free game - Checkers
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Not so common and noble as chess, but no less challenging game is checkers. Here now you can play online with a friend or random opponent. On a rectangular field, you win if opponents can collect all the stones, by the skip. You can always move one square diagonally and when you get to place the…


Free game - Gomoku
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Create a series of five symbols and their win over the opponent in this super-logical racing game. It certainly will not be easy at all. Indeed, your opponent will try to do the same and will spoil your efforts. Just a moment of inattention and advantages will become your undoing.


Free game - Chess
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For beginners and enthusiastic chess players here are classical chess, but in an online form where you can measure your intellectual forces with a real opponent. The aim of this board game is a battle to get the opponent's king to give him MAT.


Free game - Mau-Mau
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You are alone at home and you do not have nobody to really zakarbanit? Do not despair! Now here is a super online classical analogue of rains, which you can enjoy on your computer, but with a real person. The goal is to get rid of all cards. To do so, throwing away the cards of the same value or…


Free game - Climbers
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Invite a friend, or we'll randomly draw the opponent and play with real intellectual opponent game. Your task is to guess a riddle correctly every time you guess a letter, your climber climbs to as much as a point value, or how many times in tajence. If you make a mistake, vice versa climber…

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