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Go Kart Go Turbo

Free game - Go Kart Go Turbo
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This game is very hilarious in 3D and offers you a good ride for two. But that's not all because the way you are set by the various pitfalls which have to be careful. But if you collect along the way various yellow packages, you can use against your opponents and remove their car. So awake behind…

Flash Chess 3D

Free game - Flash Chess 3D
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Here you can play classical chess. The game is graphically very well done. The game is in 3D so that it is much better reproduced. Move on board with you after marking figures displayed. The rules are as in ordinary chess, at the beginning of the game you can choose the difficulty of the computer.

The Light Temple

Free game - The Light Temple
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In this game you are trying to get into figure with two goals. But be careful of each doll has a different property. Blue doll is made of water and red is the fire. So during the game to find out how each of these treat doll. After the route you will need to complete the figure with plenty of…

Stick figure badminton

Free game - Stick figure badminton
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Play badminton. If you want months in the summer outside but on the other hand, you would like to amuse themselves so there is nothing simpler. This game, although not quite the best graphics, but on the other hand, the great relax. And when you ask someone what you did all day, so just tell him…

Forest Temple

Free game - Forest Temple
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In this interesting game you control a figure with even two at once - the blue and red. With them proceed forward, always up to the door at the end of round. However, you must be careful to not fall into the blue doll red water and vice versa.

Flash Chess

Free game - Flash Chess
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Classic game as it surely already know from home. The rules are the same as in classical chess. The whole view of chess from the top so you have everything arranged. This game is for two players, so you will still have to find a friend so that you can play.


Free game - Backgammon
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Backgammon is one of the truly ancient and popular board games, which is experiencing a glorious return to the online form. In addition to strategic skills you'll need a little luck, your procedure determined by dice throws. Your task is to move all your stones in the upper (or lower) corner of the…


Free game - Checkers
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Not so common and noble as chess, but no less challenging game is checkers. Here now you can play online with a friend or random opponent. On a rectangular field, you win if opponents can collect all the stones, by the skip. You can always move one square diagonally and when you get to place the…


Free game - Gomoku
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Create a series of five symbols and their win over the opponent in this super-logical racing game. It certainly will not be easy at all. Indeed, your opponent will try to do the same and will spoil your efforts. Just a moment of inattention and advantages will become your undoing.

Phineas And Ferb

Free game - Phineas And Ferb
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This game SOU racing cars where you have to beat a teammate who may be a friend if you are just at the beginning of the game pc.Hned can tune my car so that it had the best handling characteristics. Then you just move it to the track and combat forces could begin. So what are you waiting for?

The King of Fighters Wing

Free game - The King of Fighters Wing
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Game for the fresh one, but what is better for two friends who want to weigh virtually forces. The available you will have many special kicks, punches, evasive maneuvers, ... Just fighting game as it should be.


Free game - Reversi
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Reversi is an interesting online game in which you go about it, get as many stones of his color. You can get encirclement opponent. At each turn you put a stone on the open field so that the stone was your least one opponent. He then turns to your color. The game ends when you fill up the entire…

Sports Heads FootballRECOMMEND

Free game - Sports Heads Football
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Great sport and fun game in which you become a footballer. That is pretty funny looking football head, which is obviously trying to score your opponent. Although only playing one on one (in this game you can play against a friend), it is not easy to advance to the next round.


Free game - Chess
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For beginners and enthusiastic chess players here are classical chess, but in an online form where you can measure your intellectual forces with a real opponent. The aim of this board game is a battle to get the opponent's king to give him MAT.

Deluxe Pool

Free game - Deluxe Pool
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Pool Deluxe is a great game in which you play another type of pool. You can play alone or against a friend. As always it comes to "drown" the right ball (the color will show above the table) in the shortest possible time. So good aim and use the correct power shot.

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