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Flash Chess

Free game - Flash Chess
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Classic game as it surely already know from home. The rules are the same as in classical chess. The whole view of chess from the top so you have everything arranged. This game is for two players, so you will still have to find a friend so that you can play.

Mini Putt 3

Free game - Mini Putt 3
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Do you like golf? And you do not have time for him, or is out badly? Never mind, miniature golf you can play as well. The beautiful game that you'll now be able to play and you without you leaving your chair. The rules are simple, try to get the ball into the hole in as few attempts. When you lead…

Ready? Fire!

Free game - Ready? Fire!
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What are the shooters at the races, you can simply try this game. Take your weapon and show you what shooters. You have a choice of several levels of difficulty, you always show three targets and your task is to hit as accurately as possible. Everything is the time limit so you will not have much…

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