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Flying penguinsScore game

Free game - Flying penguins
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Beautiful and cute penguin is fired into the air and collect various items and gains points, and assessed its impact. Grimacing, which demonstrates our question more than once on a flight you laugh. It might even cause that breaks the ice and the impact of our beloved tučnáček to collect and fish.…

Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age

Free game - Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age
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This game is one of several sequence and the company always managed to create a good game that everyone can take. This game will force you to have it donated. With each mastering tasks will open up new business opportunities. This game is an entrepreneur with penguins but do not worry your task is…

South Pole Agressor

Free game - South Pole Agressor
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Another hilarious type Tower defense game is here. This time you get into the role of penguins. Who struggle for life. Place the penguins around ways to kill all the units are the way they want to go through. Each penguin has other money and other things can. For each destroyed enemy unit get money…

Penguin Diner

Free game - Penguin Diner
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In this game he'll do a full restaurant and sometimes you have to handle the onslaught of big eaters, but not just ordinary diners - it will be nice penguins! As always, you have to catch the handle as many guests to your restaurant had a reputation earned money and the best equipment.

Peter the Penguin

Free game - Peter the Penguin
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Take the game Peter the Penguin with a little penguin on a long journey through the Antarctica and try to prevent global warming. But first you need to overcome the amount of dangerous obstacles in your way and all that could quickly destroy your expedition.

Conquer Antartica

Free game - Conquer Antartica
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If you remember the legendary worms, so this game will definitely not disappoint. Although here in the beginning you do not have much features, but time to work through them. At the beginning you can tee it just snowballs collide, rival penguins into the water. But be careful the same thing can…

Penguin skate 2

Free game - Penguin skate 2
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Penguin Skate 2 is a game with nice graphics, starring a really cute penguin get a chance to show, how would you do on the ski slope. Your task is not to fall and that mainly collect as many bonus lollipops.
Free game - Yeti Sports: Bloody Penguin
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Another part of the Yeti Sports games to test your observation and accuracy of your mouse to click, here. Again, you have to bat away a penguin leaping from rock, straight into the wound Yetimu club. However, this time in a lot bloodier form. Penguins can fly farther because when the impact hit the…

Intergalactic penguin

Free game - Intergalactic penguin
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Intergalactic penguin je relaxační hra, ve které malý tučňák odlétá do vesmíru a sbírá peníze, poté však padá zpět na zem. Čím více peněz nasbírá, tím více se může na svůj let vybavit. A pak už jen hurá až za hranice naší galaxie.... Hra je snadná na ovládání, vystačíte si pouze s myškou.

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