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Free game - Hannah Montana's Music Adventure
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The Hannah Montana game consists of two podher. First, the singer can wear make-up and according to their wishes, and then collect various items for which you receive points.


Free game - Mysteriez
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In this game to test your good eye and sensibility, you have to find the image with different themes hidden numbers. For each target species found for points, but you must not click more than once, or wrong, it always will lose ten points. If you can find all the numbers in the time limit, move to…

Where is the smurf?

Free game - Where is the smurf?
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In this game you have to find all six smurf. Once you start playing so you will also ruthlessly cut the time for which you should find a smurf. So hurry and see where you would find smurf.
Free game - Emma a malý modrý ptáček
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This game, in which you'll find differences between two similar pictures, in addition to a very nice graphics and very funny story. Little girl Emma finds a wounded bird and decides to help him. How he goes about?

I Lost My Puppy

Free game - I Lost My Puppy
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The lost puppy. Help him find lots of similar among males. Its owner will start at the moment shows his photo and then you will have to park to mark the right puppy. In the beginning it will surely be quite simple, but later there will a lot of puppies and similar game is difficult.
Free game - Pony Spot The Difference
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Do you like ponies? And do you tease your brain? Then you'll really like this puzzle game. You will be required to seek between two very similar pictures of ponies and the smallest differences. How quickly can you find it all?

Bratz Kidz

Free game - Bratz Kidz
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In this game for girls dress as they like and will not just dress it nicely you dress your doll. After what one of the four young ladies choose, you will be challenged to put it exactly as you show in a moment. In her room is also quite a mess, clothes and accessories so you'll have to look. You…

Personal shopper

Free game - Personal shopper
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Miss this game only have just a moment until the end of working hours, and can not find a few important things. Help her find them all within the time limit. But beware, it will not be so easy, you'll also notice the little things and do not click on other things, it would give you reduced the time.
Free game - Word Search Game Play 87
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In the English game, both can practice English vocabulary. And your observation. Because you will find the English words on a large panel full of letters. Once you find a word, highlight it and drag the mouse over all the letters. If you succeed, so it disappears from the board and you can find the…

Personal Shopper 3

Free game - Personal Shopper 3
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Personal Shopper 3 is here! Find the items again prior to the specified time limit, so that advanced to the next level. But this time you discover a dark office with only a flashlight. You must be very much mistaken in doing so, because then you can shorten the time to search. Unfortunately, the…

Hannah Montana

Free game - Hannah Montana
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Every girl wants to be Hannah Montana. If you want to at least partially to see how it goes for the girls to come and play this game. Hannah is going to resign and no longer goes to her estate but still do not know what to wear to wear. Help her find all the things in her closet and wear it. And…

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