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Janes Hotel Mania

Free game - Janes Hotel Mania
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This game is very easy hotel simulator. In this hotel you are a manager who would serve at the reception all customers. And thanks satisfied customers will have the money to develop other services to your hotel. But do not forget that the main task is to serve the most customers. So once you open…

Rolf´s Pizza

Free game - Rolf´s Pizza
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Do you like pizza? And you knew how to do it? In this game you definitely try it and the orders you make this classic Italian dish. In the beginning you have only a few ingredients, but over time and levels you have something to brandish, you prosecuted everything.

Ashtons Family Resort

Free game - Ashtons Family Resort
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A young couple opened a mountain resort. But they need your help because it is a lot of tourists and still need something. Try to accommodate all the tourists who will need something. At the beginning will help you a little tutorial that you learn everything on the fly. So let's try how it is to…

Janes Hotel 2

Free game - Janes Hotel 2
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In this game you are a hotel manager but has a large debt with the bank so that you can repay this debt must be rotated as possible. You have to try to keep the bike until you earn some money. But I have for you and good news. The game is basically very simple, you're at you and two other employees…

Momma Diner

Free game - Momma Diner
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In this game you may not be entirely classically only cook, but you become a full-service bistro. You will have to serve, often a lot of big, hungry people - bring them to the table, give them food and clean up the table.

Burger Restaurant

Free game - Burger Restaurant
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In the game Burger Restaurant'll do my own restaurant for hamburgers. Your task will be to make food according to customer demand, which will grow more and more, and you'll have them cope. The increasing number of levels, but they will be added in addition to work for the money and you'll be able to…

Cake Shop 2

Free game - Cake Shop 2
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There is the sequel popular game in which you become a pastry chef and serves its customers' palates. But this time, do not just cakes, but cakes, coffee and other good things. And hurry up, the sooner you earn enough money, the sooner you will be my little candy store beautifully equipped and able…

Cake Shop

Free game - Cake Shop
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Play a game where you have a small shop selling cakes and your mission is to serve the most customers. Cakes fold in front of the customer, so you must hurry to have served the most customers. For each customer, of course, get money and then those in the higher level you are buying equipment. At the…

Donut Empire

Free game - Donut Empire
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Open stand with Donuts and become king of this dish. The only thing that is important to always be prepared, mainly in terms of stocks. Also give too high a price are not always paid. What trading strategy you choose is up to you. But remember that you'll have to calculate everything before you open…

Dr. Daisy Pet Vet

Free game - Dr. Daisy Pet Vet
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In this game you become a veterinarian, and your task will be to treat sick animals. You put them on the exam table, take you to the infirmary, and view the heal. But be careful, you can manage while intuition and arrows, but the valuable advice you provide in the English game.

The Animal Zoo

Free game - The Animal Zoo
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This zoo is not so much do not care about animals but about people. You will here classify people in order to get everyone on their favorite attraction. But be careful you have to take care of the attraction to them was a mess and so on. The more customers you will have the more points, but beware,…

My parfume salon

Free game - My parfume salon
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In this game you can show off as an expert in mixing and production of perfumes directly according to customer demand. Do you own a salon with a laboratory and try to meet the candidates. Everything must be fulfilled within the time limit, so that customers did not wait long, or have left your…

Purrfect Pet Shop

Free game - Purrfect Pet Shop
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Very popular game in which you care for animals in the store. But of course it's not only your work. In this business a lot of customers come for animals. And every animal they nicely decorated. So when a customer comes to them you have to pet grooming. The money from the customer that you are…

Big Mamas Salon

Free game - Big Mamas Salon
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In this game you play on a real hairdresser. You will have a hairdressing salon and you have to fulfill daily sales limits. If you meet the limit as you continue to the next round. If you can, however, does not meet the game ends. But the game is very simple, and the finish is definitely possible.…

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