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Pony Run

Free game - Pony Run
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There is another beautiful game with ponies. Choose one of three cute ponies and go with him to the race track. Obstacles are waiting for you to be in advancing levelech increase. You must always be on time skip. In addition to successful jumping is also about time. His champion drag the mouse to…

Peny Courageous Ride

Free game - Peny Courageous Ride
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In this graphic are printed very nice game, you control the little girl on his horse. Your task will be to jump over rocks and record the highest score. But beware, the barriers will become increasingly difficult for their combat and you have to have good speed and point of reflection. While every…


Free game - Mul(e)ody
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Mul(e)ody is relaxing, and very funny game, depending on how seriously to take it to decide. It is entirely up to you. You will have four horses and their singing voices combine at will. You create an original tune, and it entirely to personal taste.

Horse Athletics

Free game - Horse Athletics
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In this game you can have your own horse and race him in the Olympics. You choose from all disciplines - normal run, jump, jump across the water. Try to pop in the best time and beat your opponents.

RaceHorse Tycoon

Free game - RaceHorse Tycoon
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Become te owner of racing stables with everything on it belongs. You own a horse, train them. And through them earn money. Of course you can also bet on horse races. The game requires skill businesslike, balance sheet, but also the willingness to take risks. Just as it is in this business really is.

Horse Race

Free game - Horse Race
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This very funny horse riding simulator will appeal to everyone. Very good graphics adds flair to this vital game. The game takes place on a race track where you have to skip a lot of obstacles. To know that you skip the first obstacle and where to go jump on, so it will direct you to the orange…
Free game - Jumporama 2 Cross Country
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Hilarious game that is not just for girls. This game is mainly for observation, when you really need to sharpen vision. because if you jump too late or poorly and you fall from a horse. The challenge in this game is to get your horse the longest stretch of track. If you manage not to fall earn bonus…

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