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Powerfox 4

Free game - Powerfox 4
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When did you last were in India. Well, if ever so after the game to you in India for about nor want. You play a fox and trying to destroy the gods. The first game will find that it will not be easy at all because the board itself against you Shiva. Try to eliminate it by knocking the giant, the…

Ninja Stealth

Free game - Ninja Stealth
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In this game you have a very simple task, take all the money and kill all enemies. The game is very good in fact that if you squeeze repeatedly jumping to jump really high. It is also be possible to pop up the wall. Well just Ninja. The best way is to try things out in advance so that you became…

Who Bob What Pants

Free game - Who Bob What Pants
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Are you a serial cartoon kid who reminds a sponge on the board. Your classmates teasing you. Catch all of your opponents in bubbles. For every reward you get caught flashy - hairspray, wig .... Especially, do not get caught.

Four Wheel Chase

Free game - Four Wheel Chase
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In this game you will have the task to catch an escaped kangaroo. The task certainly will not be easy. Kangaroo e stretch every kind of crack but your djeep definitely not. Anyway, you can djeep jumping making it the best right to catch kangaroos.
Free game - Spider Man 3 Rescue Mary Jane
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Show that you are, become a Spiderman. Your mission is to rescue the girl. Yes she is, Mary Jane. Love Peter Parker who is in distress. But so simple it will not turn, you have to get over several buildings. And when you lead it still will not have won. Because of them go against you enemies. Comic…
Free game - Super Mario Strikers - Heady UP
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Become known for a while and all the popular Super Mario and he will play with the ball hlavičkovanou. Your task is nenchat it not for a moment fall. The motion will then serve the arrow.

Naruto Battlegrounds

Free game - Naruto Battlegrounds
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In this play as a young warrior who goes through the map and have to stay over all adversaries. These opponents are in the basic version quite easily, but watch out for each other. Also, it is unfortunately bad that this game is harder to control but perhaps you can do it like me.


Free game - Faultline
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This game will definitely grabs. First you have to think about it a little but not so much. In the game you have to get to the teleporter. He always throws you to the next level. But when you look so good anywhere journey is not just a few empty seats. But you have the good property that you can…

Party Pals

Free game - Party Pals
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Party Pals is a game in which you will walk the your furry pets. One cat and one dog. While walking to nezbedobé little bored, you will need to collect as many presents. But be careful, for some must jump nejřív pussy and even her dog.

Drago Adventure

Free game - Drago Adventure
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Embark on an adventurous journey with dragon Drago, who is looking Zyrona villain. During the game, Drago appears in different situations, he meets strange beings and must decide whether they are friends or enemies. Help him on his way and successfully finish the set objective to ... The game is…

Whiskered Away

Free game - Whiskered Away
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Do you like the movie Shrek? Then you will certainly enjoy this game with really great graphics, where the main characters are two of Shrekových friends - Puss and Donkey. Your task is to help them successfully get over rocks. Puss Donkey carries on his back and he always has the right moment to…

Transformers Prestige

Free game - Transformers Prestige
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In the game Transformers Prestige is fighting robot in charge of your hands as the fastest route to conquer the obstacle and nazbírat at what the most valuable Bodíky. You control it easily while pan in all directions. The only drawback to this otherwise very fun game, is perhaps the imperfect…

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