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Mahjong AlchemyRECOMMEND

Free game - Mahjong Alchemy
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Mahjong Alchemy is a game that belongs to the family mahjong and tormented by your brain. Search for a pair of interesting stones with the same symbols (which are even different bodob√© valuation) to as long as the playing field not gone. But beware, the stones must be easily accessible and can not…

Mahjong Titans

Free game - Mahjong Titans
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Mahjong Titans is another excellent mahjong game from a family that tormented your brain and eyes. Search for the same pair of stones and remove them as much as possible from the playing area.

Mahjong 247

Free game - Mahjong 247
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In this classic Mahjong game, although you have to remove the stones with the same images of their pairing, as always, but unlike the other versions have the option to choose their deployment.

Black and White Mahjong

Free game - Black and White Mahjong
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The Mahjong game is special because it only connect same pictures on the stones, so you get rid of them and got the points, but must also be each of a different color stones - one black and one white.

Animal MahjongScore game

Free game - Animal Mahjong
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If you do not play Mahjong, so it is a puzzle game that has very simple rules. The main task in this game is to mark the same two stones on the edge. If you mark the same stones will disappear and points will be added. But if you do not know how, so do not worry about anything. Just when you click…

Mahjong Fun

Free game - Mahjong Fun
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If you have not met yet with the game of Mahjong, never mind. The game is very simple, just find two identical stones that are on the edge, if the mark will disappear and you will be added points. But if you can not find the stones so just click on the Hint, the stones you get. However, you will be…

Mahjong kitchen 1

Free game - Mahjong kitchen 1
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This game is a bit unconventional Mahjong in which you have to pair the boundary stones on the playing field with the same picture. A special kitchen Mahjong 1 is that the stones are stacked spatially, but only in one level and pictures on them are from within the kitchen.

Mahjongg Artifacts 2

Free game - Mahjongg Artifacts 2
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This game is basically the classic Mahjong in which you have to look for loose stones with the same pictures and remove them gradually so that no stub, if possible. Mahjongg Artifacts also introduces you to a stylish environment that you will enjoy.

Connect 2

Free game - Connect 2
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This game is very similar to Mahjong, but not the same. Stones that are normally built into the pyramid will not find here. Your main task in this game is to mark the same two stones. These stones must be on the edge. If these two stones in a row mark will disappear and points will be added. The…

Mahjong chain

Free game - Mahjong chain
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Mahjong chain is an innovative version of Mahjong, in which stones are arranged in a pyramid, but ascending the step in the square. Your task is to remove (always the same for twins) in a timely manner and collect stones for them valuable points. But be careful, you can not take the stones where you…

Mahjong 2

Free game - Mahjong 2
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Mahjong classic game as you surely know it. But if this game have never played, so the challenge is to remove all stones. To do this, select pieces that are exactly the same and are on the edge. If you do it right so your stones will disappear and you continue on. The game ends when you manage to…

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