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AnbotScore game

Free game - Anbot
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Put yourself in cute Anbot who does not want to keep working in the factory. Help him to escape from the ugly factory. All task will be to liberate it in as few mouse clicks.

Gingerbread Circus 2Score game

Free game - Gingerbread Circus 2
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In this game we find ourselves in a circus environment. You become the throwing knives, which in each round of trying to hit another target. Important, however, is to miss gingerbread, which is tied to the rotating carousel. But be careful, the whole game you only have 3 lives.

Flying penguinsScore game

Free game - Flying penguins
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Beautiful and cute penguin is fired into the air and collect various items and gains points, and assessed its impact. Grimacing, which demonstrates our question more than once on a flight you laugh. It might even cause that breaks the ice and the impact of our beloved tučnáček to collect and fish.…

Data MinerScore game

Free game - Data Miner
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In this game you will become a thief, and with the help of its long telescopic arm you try to steal items. Most frequent are taking a variety of storage media and also laptops. To get to the next round, you have as good a thief to steal things for a price!

Monkey Go Happy 4Score game

Free game - Monkey Go Happy 4
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Now you can show off your art already in the fourth sequel Monkey go happy. Make known monkey and her family all the challenges? But beware, it will not be so simple in this puzzle game you have to correctly reveal what needs to be done, at the least possible mouse clicks!

AirborneScore game

Free game - Airborne
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Airborne is a game in which you must shoot in a timely manner as many balloons. But it does not pay to shoot just like that. Your weapon is a slingshot and it is mainly a good shot and precision aiming, you managed to advance to the next round with as many balloons.

Dynamite BlastScore game

Free game - Dynamite Blast
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It would seem that nothing could be much simpler than detonate dynamite pair of beams. In this puzzle game, but you have to detonate them accurately so that the vehicle you are going over the bridge, ran from one side to the other across the chasm, or, conversely, fell in the space! When you…


Free game - FRIZZLE FRAZ
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In this fun game you are jumping in the skin nice, pink, hairy balls. If you were to pick up other small furry, green, balls and all the keys you've got to the next level. But be careful the way you two lurking monsters that can kill you.

Gingerbread CircusScore game

Free game - Gingerbread Circus
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Gingerbread Circus is the first part of the popular games from the circus, where you are in the role of throwing knives. Gingerbread and his family are gradually being tied to a rotating wheel, and you have to snipe the objects around them. With every goal levels are smaller and faster bike.…

Wrong BlockScore game

Free game - Wrong Block
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Another excellent puzzle game to test your observation and logical thinking speed. Your task will be to remove stones that bothers other a block of at least three of the same color. When you succeed, the stones will disappear and you get points. But beware, the game you have limited time limit, so…

Dynamite Blast 2Score game

Free game - Dynamite Blast 2
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Continued cool games where you have to place dynamite charges on the bridges and other structures so that different vehicles either fell into the abyss, or, conversely, was saved. Not always an easy destruction of the first beam that will catch the eye and really you have to think about it. Great…

Papa's Burgeria

Free game - Papa's Burgeria
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Papa's restaurant this time spread of the kingdom of hamburgers. Prepare your customers the best burgers according to their wishes. Each guest will judge according to what will be his meat well-done, and exactly how nicely you put all the ingredients in the burger and it if did not have to wait. Can…

Papa´s pizzeriaScore game

Free game - Papa´s pizzeria
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Become a master at making the best pizza restaurant in another of Papa's. The owner of the restaurant because he had to leave quickly so it's up to you to run the company managed entirely by themselves. Receive your order delicious pizza and do exactly as you wish.

BalleryScore game

Free game - Ballery
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In the game Ballery waiting for you 18 levels in which it is necessary to collect as many points as possible. Round doll you shoot into the air to hit the place with the highest point gain. At each level, you can decide if you want one or two attempts, but is counted only the second one.

Casual SpaceScore game

Free game - Casual Space
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Casual Space is nice action game in which you control a small spaceship. Your goal in each level is to collect all the gold stars and the open space gate to the next level. You must to avoid asteroids, which impact could easily destroy you.

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