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FFFUUUScore game

Free game - FFFUUU
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Come with troll hero (or rather his head) on the aerial adventure. Flying free space and you have to dodge other heads, houses, cars ... From the beginning it will seem really easy, but over time will begin to pick up speed and head noticeably obstacles will be added. How far you get into something…

SurroubbleScore game

Free game - Surroubble
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This type of bubble shooter game you will be sure to entertain. In addition to classic blasting balls that connect a group of three or more balls, also it will be important to collect as many points as possible. So speed is definitely not in the first place. The most valuable is then removed the…

Ninjas vs PiratesScore game

Free game - Ninjas vs Pirates
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Ninjas vs. Pirates is a tower defense game, in which you lead a team of ninja to try to stop the pirates, who attack you. Each ninja has other skills and strength, but is also different amounts of money.

Feed The MooksScore game

Free game - Feed The Mooks
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In this game you have to gradually remove all the cubes to the gray. No only a gray cube will not fall. If this happens starting from scratch. Dice remove any that you feed the right food. Everything will be explained at the beginning of the game. The game is logical and it is necessary to look at…

Math Challenge

Free game - Math Challenge
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This game is more for enthusiasts of mathematics. Since this will only deal with mathematical numbers. At the beginning you will see the board, and will be your task to the examples that appear in it will add the result. Examples are not easy but you will see that in time everyone succumbs to the…

Cosmic CommanderScore game

Free game - Cosmic Commander
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Cosmic Commander is a space shooter with great graphics, in which your spacecraft will fight against the ever growing number of enemy vessels. The most important thing is to avoid all the bullets of your enemies and collect enough money for each destroyed ship.

Dibbles 2

Free game - Dibbles 2
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Second sequel of puzzle game Dibbles takes place in a country Christmas, but the principle of the game is the same as in the previous parts - safely transported to target ant king. This will often require the sacrifice of a few ant, because only through their allegiance to the king can ensure the…

Ghosts Stole My PuppyScore game

Free game - Ghosts Stole My Puppy
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This is a great platform game inspired by the movie Ghostbusters. Ghosts stole your puppy and you are giving the house to save him. Along the way you collect various items, for which you get points. Of course you also have to defend themselves to the spirits. Get rid of those as well as in the movie…

Cargo BridgeScore game

Free game - Cargo Bridge
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Help working workers to overcome the gap and gorge in order to safely transport the goods to the destination. All you have to do is build a bridge strong enough to retain workers with the cargo. Initially it will be nothing difficult, but over time you really have to think that the whole structure…

TrollhunterScore game

Free game - Trollhunter
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In classical MEME graphic is hilarious shooter here to test your observation. The time limit you have to shoot as much as trolls. For each killed get 10 points. But when you miss the contrary point deducted. Then you have to completely avoid maidens and other characters, for whose shot just lose by…

Click Bots

Free game - Click Bots
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Bots click is a puzzle game based on the well-known game Lemmings where need securely transported to the target as possible doll. That you succeeded, you can use various properties doll like shank, drilling or parachute. Some of the young man, however, will also need to sacrifice and use it as a…

ClickPLAY! Rainbow 2Score game

Free game - ClickPLAY! Rainbow 2
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The second part of the Puzzle ClikPlay Rainbow brings you a new batch of minigames in which your task will be to discover a black arrow. But before you get to the arrow must correctly solve the riddle or logic puzzle that you expect in each round.

Casual SpaceScore game

Free game - Casual Space
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Casual Space is nice action game in which you control a small spaceship. Your goal in each level is to collect all the gold stars and the open space gate to the next level. You must to avoid asteroids, which impact could easily destroy you.

ClickPLAY RainbowScore game

Free game - ClickPLAY Rainbow
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ClickPLAY Rainbow is a series of fun mini-games that will please the little ones, but also many adults. In every minigame will be your job to get themselves into black-and-white arrow that is pressed will move you to the next round. The arrow is usually hidden in the playing area, or you must decode…

AirborneScore game

Free game - Airborne
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Airborne is a game in which you must shoot in a timely manner as many balloons. But it does not pay to shoot just like that. Your weapon is a slingshot and it is mainly a good shot and precision aiming, you managed to advance to the next round with as many balloons.

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