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Free game - Cantarok 2: Longcat rampage
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In this game you control a giant cat, you might want to destroy the entire Air Force. The cat but is hampered by the fact that aircraft shoots down his murderous gaze. How can you destroy the helicopters before you get?

Click Bots

Free game - Click Bots
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Bots click is a puzzle game based on the well-known game Lemmings where need securely transported to the target as possible doll. That you succeeded, you can use various properties doll like shank, drilling or parachute. Some of the young man, however, will also need to sacrifice and use it as a…

Dibbles 2

Free game - Dibbles 2
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Second sequel of puzzle game Dibbles takes place in a country Christmas, but the principle of the game is the same as in the previous parts - safely transported to target ant king. This will often require the sacrifice of a few ant, because only through their allegiance to the king can ensure the…

Dibbles 3

Free game - Dibbles 3
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Dibbles 3 is the next part of the perfect puzzle game in which your task will again be transported to the destination gateway ant king. The successful overcoming of each round you need to sacrifice a few individuals who own body creates a path and ensuring the king and the other ants survive.

Gingerbread Circus 3Score game

Free game - Gingerbread Circus 3
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Here is the third installment of the popular Racing game that will take you to the circus. The hero will again gingerbread and his friends. In various disciplines to verify how good your shot, because you become a knife thrower and without hurting his helper, you will need to complete all tasks.

World Strongest Monkey

Free game - World Strongest Monkey
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Attend with your monkey rider competition for the strongest ape in the world. On your gorilla competitor waits several demanding disciplines such as balance, weight lifting, pulling, throwing, .... that verifies your estimation, perception and speed.

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Free game - Happy Wheels
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