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Troll Cannon

Free game - Troll Cannon
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Troll Cannon is a fun puzzle game of the series MEME. The main heroes are drawing trolls and I'm sure you will like it;) Graphics, as well as the concept of all games MEME is very quirky and often more like a parody of the classic game. That's certainly more fun. This time, thus Shoot from cannon…

Trollface Quest

Free game - Trollface Quest
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There's a great adventure that will surprise you in each of the mini games it contains. Walk with the hero all 20 levels. But you have to move away from conventional approaches to solving logical tasks. This game is definitely not like the others and you can look forward to great entertainment!
Free game - Sniper For Hire: Trollday
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Become a sniper in a nice troll town. Your task is clear. Completely liquidate all its inhabitants come across. It will not be so easy because you trolls will run and some are even quite well hidden. Space to look into the telescope, aim and the mouse to shoot.


Free game - Trollface
Enjoy another really unusual game of the series MEME. The game certainly surprise and perhaps even entertain even the most experienced players. So do not wait and come to try it ;)

Meme Generator

Free game - Meme Generator
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MEME Create your own comics with these original characters. Here you will have a really large number of characters that you can put a "bubble" and write anything into it. What will your heroes MEME say? Try this simple animations need to make a cartoon ...

FFFUUUScore game

Free game - FFFUUU
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Come with troll hero (or rather his head) on the aerial adventure. Flying free space and you have to dodge other heads, houses, cars ... From the beginning it will seem really easy, but over time will begin to pick up speed and head noticeably obstacles will be added. How far you get into something…

Trollface Launch

Free game - Trollface Launch
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Shoot the troll and try laughing with his head reach as far. For his performance, and you get points for you then you'll be able to buy a variety of improvements, such as the body, turbo dog ... to fly really far.

TrollhunterScore game

Free game - Trollhunter
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In classical MEME graphic is hilarious shooter here to test your observation. The time limit you have to shoot as much as trolls. For each killed get 10 points. But when you miss the contrary point deducted. Then you have to completely avoid maidens and other characters, for whose shot just lose by…

Meme InvadersScore game

Free game - Meme Invaders
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Meme Invaders is a game full of additional specific Troll faces. This time you are in the role of a small teddy bear, which must shoot all the trolls before they hit him. You can not hide behind the brick, but even the trolls will eventually shooting out (and be careful so that you do not destroy…

Whack a Troll

Free game - Whack a Troll
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In the Fighting game you peg to the heads of trolls, who will appear in the game field. Prove your speed to hit them in the limited time limit as much as possible.

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