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Dark Cut 3

Free game - Dark Cut 3
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War broke out, and you as the only doctor in army, you have to take care of all the wounded. With makeshift equipment you need to treat each injured and save it so life. Time is but a few, and you also operate from the ground, so try to be as fast as possible.

Relic of War

Free game - Relic of War
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Change the world history in strategy game Relic of War and dominate all European countries. With your army you will proceed still more difficult opponents, and only properly chosen strategy can ensure victory. Also, you will still have a number of new units and upgrades, so you can win.

Shell Shock Live

Free game - Shell Shock Live
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In this game your task will destroy the unit that goes over the bridge. Of course you get more points, but you have to fulfill other tasks. You have to place bombs on the bridge and the bridge demolished. When soldiers go over the bridge and one bomb after another odstřeluj. But be careful because…

Warfare 1944

Free game - Warfare 1944
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Very good strategy game where you play as a party of Germans and Americans as a party. In the game you defend or conquer the enemy that wants to occupy. Gradually getting more and more soldiers who have different functions. Soldiers can enter various tasks that have possibilities. The game is…

Sharp Trigger 2

Free game - Sharp Trigger 2
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Become Marines. So one could probably explain this whole game. You landed on enemy territory where you have all killed. Operation is very simple, do not forget to rotate the gun because you do not always have a charge. At the beginning you learn to deal with the game where you show everything.

Tank Mania

Free game - Tank Mania
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In this game you really game includes a tank. You get a lot of tasks that you need to perform. The first task is to bring the head which is driven by a tank. But the task will be much more. You will be transported, transport, and especially to destroy. Operation is very simple, and the spacebar to…


Free game - Soldiers
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You became a soldier and you are in charge of the most important mission. At the beginning of the mission will be easy to learn to control you. Then everything will be just up to you how you do it. Style of play is up to you and strategy as well. The main thing is that you have survived so what do…

Epic Defender

Free game - Epic Defender
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In this game you have a gun and the main task is to protect the gun. Since this gun will definitely easy to figure out how. Shoot on all that moves and dispose of all the enemy soldiers. With more and more levels you will attack more and more troops as well as from several sides. But you have a…

Hobo 4 Total War

Free game - Hobo 4 Total War
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Your goal in the game will beat all the enemies as you build. First, you fight with the soldiers, and later with the civilians. As you move to the next rounds, always get a new combo that makes you stronger. You will also receive a password after a checkpoint through which skip levels already…

Battle Gear All Defence

Free game - Battle Gear All Defence
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In this game you will be tasked to defend their positions destroy the enemy. You will become general and the only task is to defend your position. For every killed soldier, you get the money from which you buy more troops. You have to buy better soldiers than the enemy. But in the end the strategy…

Big Battle Tanks

Free game - Big Battle Tanks
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This game is very popular and certainly you are experiencing any similar. You start with your tank and against your opponent is in the tank. Well guess if you think that the opponent should be discarded. You'll have very good equipment, so do not worry that you do not succeed. The only thing you…

Rocket SoldiersScore game

Free game - Rocket Soldiers
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In the game for a while you become a soldier and now your task is to pick off the enemy. You will have plenty of ammo but a few attempts. So before you shoot all the measured data well. The winner is the one who kills the enemy first, but not destroy an opponent's blow. You will therefore have more…

Shadez 2

Free game - Shadez 2
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In this strategy game you will become commander of the base. Your task will be to build your base and secure her money. Another task will be to destroy the enemy base and all enemy soldiers. The game will be somewhat resemble Command Conquer, in fact in both these games all the same. Just a map and…


Free game - Shadez
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In this game you will become general, and it's up to you how many troops deploy. The main thing is that the enemy did not pass over the map. You will be able to use a lot of military equipment and for each round you get extra money. So do not worry too much that you run. Main in this game is to…

Skies Of War

Free game - Skies Of War
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As a pilot you are deployed in the war and its decision is up to you. Vzlítnete from the airport and you must destroy enemy forces. But be careful for a while after you go and airplanes, so you'll have quite enough work to have survived. Of course there is a large arsenal of weapons that can vary.

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