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Zombotron 2

Free game - Zombotron 2
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In the latter part of the perfect shooter game Zombotron again go to war against the zombies. With a number of different weapons Beat all opponents and get to the finish. The original story, great graphics, good gameplay and control are sure to please you and bring a great gaming experience.


Free game - Titanic
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Now you are in the hold sinking the Titanic, which is increasingly rapidly fills with water. Can you fast enough to go through a maze of corridors to get aboard before they drown? The problem is that to let you on board, you must collect enough money through ...
Free game - Kung Fu Panda: Tigress Jump
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If you know the movie Kung Fu Panda so you do not even represent the tigress. What you're doing, the main task is to pop up as a Chinese lantern. And to get the most points. But be careful you may fall off or the game ends. Control over the mouse is simple but maybe someone will take a while to get…

Gingerbread Circus 3Score game

Free game - Gingerbread Circus 3
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Here is the third installment of the popular Racing game that will take you to the circus. The hero will again gingerbread and his friends. In various disciplines to verify how good your shot, because you become a knife thrower and without hurting his helper, you will need to complete all tasks.

Bloody Sunset

Free game - Bloody Sunset
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In this game, we protect the house where you are. Against you is a lot of zombies who crave your blood. Shoot them all and get you.

Days 2 Die

Free game - Days 2 Die
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You find yourself in a building full of zombies and you are carrying a knife and Beret. What is clear from this formula is clear, a lot of dead zombies and you are shooting in all directions. This game is very good at relaxing, and best if you just do not like the boss. Control may seem a bit at the…

Zombie Trailer ParkScore game

Free game - Zombie Trailer Park
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This game is another very povedeným zombie games. I think anyone who likes strategy, so I love this game. People were expelled from the city and now they want to recharge their territory back. But zombies are just simply can not. Therefore you must choose the right strategy so that you get them all.…
Free game - Kung Fu Panda: Monkey Run
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If you know the movie Kung - Fu Panda and you certainly do not present this handy monkey. Which in this film he also starred. But it now needs much help from you and it. Help her collect the most points. To do this you will collect balls and lanterns that will lie on the ground. But be careful on…

Gingerbread Circus 2Score game

Free game - Gingerbread Circus 2
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In this game we find ourselves in a circus environment. You become the throwing knives, which in each round of trying to hit another target. Important, however, is to miss gingerbread, which is tied to the rotating carousel. But be careful, the whole game you only have 3 lives.

Endless Zombie Rampage 2

Free game - Endless Zombie Rampage 2
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In the game you become a professional hunter of zombies. You will be assigned a place where you have your base. For each killed by a zombie you get points and these points then you will be able to buy weapons. You have the whole park to yourself that need to be cleaned from the zombies. So what are…

The Serum Aftermath

Free game - The Serum Aftermath
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Very hilarious game where you fight back the zombies. In the game you can really enjoy themselves. Because the zombie will be here a lot. In addition, to help you have a friend who will be watching your back. Your main task is to light a fire, burn it only with the help of gasoline you have to…

Ninja turtles

Free game - Ninja turtles
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Surely you remember as a little ninja turtles. This game is exactly such as you remember all the serial parts and also from the magazine. The graphics are fairly decent and the controls are simple. You will receive tasks that you need to perform. These missions are very different and do not worry…

The Last Stand 2

Free game - The Last Stand 2
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This game is very meticulous. If you drop your intro so just find that something has happened but what? Blood everywhere and suddenly discover in the room, but you're not in it alone. With you, there are also zombies who are trying to get your fresh meat. Of course, that they do not allow, because…

Zombie TruckScore game

Free game - Zombie Truck
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Really hilarious game that is about zombies. You're on a deserted place and suddenly appear everywhere zombies. So get on the car and driving toward a better future. But it's not so easy because you're the only ones who are alive and after all your blood going. Fortunately, you have a gun and know…

Road Of The Dead

Free game - Road Of The Dead
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In this game you have to drive through the destroyed city. But the city is destroyed because it was attacked by zombies. Try to run them as possible. For every dead zombies get points, as well as for zajetého soldier. But watch out for civilians, as they will in turn have minus points. If you want…

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