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Gingerbread CircusScore game

Free game - Gingerbread Circus
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Gingerbread Circus is the first part of the popular games from the circus, where you are in the role of throwing knives. Gingerbread and his family are gradually being tied to a rotating wheel, and you have to snipe the objects around them. With every goal levels are smaller and faster bike.…

Sonic Origins

Free game - Sonic Origins
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Other improvements Sonic is here. This time you'll be able to choose from several competitors, including the classic Sonic. Your mission is to take place within the time limit specified in section and collect it valuable gold rings. But of course you have to beware of enemies and other dangers that…

Spiderman City Raid

Free game - Spiderman City Raid
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In this game you can try as this has a heavy comic hero. Your job is to keep as long as possible in the air. To do that you'll just shoot around the web. But be careful you have to think twice what the web site will go. Because of course they reach cobwebs everywhere. The further you get the more…

Transformers tunnel rush

Free game - Transformers tunnel rush
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In this unusual game, Transformers is your special robot combat aircraft. He rushes through the tunnel closed with a number of obstacles, but also the ranking of shooting targets. You as the pilots have to avoid all the obstacles, everything down and convenient to have the best time. This game will…

Radio Zed

Free game - Radio Zed
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In the game you are one of the last people who escaped the ferocious zombies. With friends are hiding in one building but you must protect. Fortunately, you have enough weapons so it will be up to you and your friends in the game if you will. After each finished by bike can purchase weapons and…

Zombie massakrah

Free game - Zombie massakrah
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You are alone in a dark forest full bloodthirsty zombies. Your only ally is a weapon that you possess. Of course you want to get out of the woods, but finding a way out will not be easy. First you have to shoot over a crowd of undead who Caha just about everywhere ...

All We Need Is Brain 2

Free game - All We Need Is Brain 2
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In the the second part puzzle game All We Need Is Brain will again have to destroy all the zombies. To do this, lure the zombies into a trap with the help brains the smell zombie pulls out of their hiding place. In each round, but you only have a limited number of brains, so all you need to plan…

Run Bolt Run

Free game - Run Bolt Run
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Bolt is a super dog life full of adventure and an adventure you can enjoy with him. Just when you start this game. The task is to walk the entire route and eliminate all enemies. But even if disposing of enemies, you will not be easy, the way a lot of obstacles that need to be overcome.

Ice AgeScore game

Free game - Ice Age
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This game is a classic for kids. Who knows the movie Ice Age and he need not explain who is this squirrel. In this game you have to do a few rounds and the squirrel collect as many fruits and yet not to capture any of the monsters in the basement. But the squirrel can do a lot of both movements can…

Army Of The Dead

Free game - Army Of The Dead
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You landed in the wilderness around you, or a soul. But there is still something, a zombie. Really hungry, and hungry for your blood. Since you are a sailor you know what your mission is and how to achieve it. Survive and kill it is your password. Each zombie has a weakness elsewhere because it is…

Bubble Trouble Ice Age

Free game - Bubble Trouble Ice Age
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With another part of the Ice Age is coming to cinemas and other cool game. The main role of the encounter with the squirrel looking for nuts. You can play for a squirrel boy or a beautiful lady, who will be trapped in a bubble, yet they want to route between the dangerous rocks to catch as many…

Sonic Motobike

Free game - Sonic Motobike
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Classic motorcycle racing game Sonic enriched doll. The game is your task to reach the goal and collect as many rings. But you must pay attention to the stability of the bike and balance it. Balancing as you control the movement arrows. So up on the bike.

Pothead Zombies

Free game - Pothead Zombies
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Zastřílejte a zombie. You and the other a helping hand, you will be tasked to protect the wall. Which you away from zombies who attack you constantly. Each round you will be able to buy better weapons. And this weapon can still get better. In each round of the you will try to get a new zombie, so…

Zombie DollsScore game

Free game - Zombie Dolls
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Your street attack zombie dolls. And as a true patriot, you are left to fight and protect your home. Read well as what is used in the heat of the game because you will not have time for anything other than destroy all the dolls. The game can also buy weapons, I highly recommend it. Because with each…

Gingerbread Decoration

Free game - Gingerbread Decoration
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Surely you all know frightened gingerbread favorite movie Shrek. In this lovely decoration game you will be able to decorate it completely to your liking. How do you do it icing, face and other accessories?

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