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Selena Gomez Make Up

Free game - Selena Gomez Make Up
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In this game you'll be able to your favorite singer Selena vymódit and paint as you wish. Get dressed it according to your tastes, Draw, stained hair and lots more. In this game oblíkací nothing is impossible. And if you want to add to her calmly and piercings.

Selena Gomez Makeover

Free game - Selena Gomez Makeover
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Change to suit your taste and imagination Selena Gomez. You can choose one of her hairstyles, use various colors of lipsticks, eye shadows, make-up and mascara. Everything is up to you.
Free game - Spider Man 3 Rescue Mary Jane
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Show that you are, become a Spiderman. Your mission is to rescue the girl. Yes she is, Mary Jane. Love Peter Parker who is in distress. But so simple it will not turn, you have to get over several buildings. And when you lead it still will not have won. Because of them go against you enemies. Comic…

Ice Age 2

Free game - Ice Age 2
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In this game you have to assemble the ice right at each other or side by side. The task is to give the cubes so that they are the same color next to each other when you put two identical cubes next to each other will disappear and points will be added. But be careful that you did not dice bad…

Transformer 3

Free game - Transformer 3
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In this game you have to play as Optimus. Its mission is to destroy all the space ships. All controls are very simple. When you move the screen with arrows. And if you want to shoot so just to press the space bar.

Titanic Couple

Free game - Titanic Couple
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Get on board the Titanic film, which is currently one of the most romantic scenes in the bow. What should be the occasion for the heroine wearing? And what hairstyle she will most suit?
Free game - Harry Potter Magical Eyes V2
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Your task in this game is to protect the eye against a powerful sorcerer. You have to avoid his powerful eye. If the eye gets the glasses so you lose. It is also necessary to avoid everything that is a magician who conjures up in your room. but if they develop some subjects it is good to take,…
Free game - High School Musical Dress Up
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In this game, or rather oblékačce can every girl try out how it suited her. There is the assessment of the many accessories that can be changed individually. And at the end of all the changes you can compare how it suited you and your counterpart.

Avatar Movie Puzzles

Free game - Avatar Movie Puzzles
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If you like putting together a puzzle, you can also assemble it here. You can choose from different options motives. Each square with the mouse and space bar to grab him turning, squares fit to each other until you have correctly reversed. And if you do will seem too easy, you can make it harder by…

Whiskered Away

Free game - Whiskered Away
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Do you like the movie Shrek? Then you will certainly enjoy this game with really great graphics, where the main characters are two of Shrekových friends - Puss and Donkey. Your task is to help them successfully get over rocks. Puss Donkey carries on his back and he always has the right moment to…

EMO Gingerbread Man

Free game - EMO Gingerbread Man
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Surely you know the movie Shrek. Fighting so this is not directly about the main hero Shrek postavičce but one of the film. This figure certainly those in the famous film did not run, it is known gingerbread. Which you'll be able to play in this oblíkací dressed in emo style.

Star Wars

Free game - Star Wars
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In this game you have to worry about enemy aircraft strafing the dark forces. Task but it definitely will not be easy. Because the planes are very fast and definitely do not want to have them shot down. Therefore, you must be quick and shoot as if you were killed.

Transformers atak

Free game - Transformers atak
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Transformers attack is a game to test your perception, speed and reflexes. Your task is to shoot what is most revealing is attacking, fighting robots and in a very short time. The more distant (and thus smaller) robot you can shoot, the more points you get for it.

Transformers Prestige

Free game - Transformers Prestige
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In the game Transformers Prestige is fighting robot in charge of your hands as the fastest route to conquer the obstacle and nazbírat at what the most valuable Bodíky. You control it easily while pan in all directions. The only drawback to this otherwise very fun game, is perhaps the imperfect…

Bionicle game

Free game - Bionicle game
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Everyone probably already heard about the leg. And thanks to the company that manufactures toys here we have this game. One of a series of games called Binocle. In the game you play on a robot whose task is to destroy all the pillars. But the task may sound simple, but so simple it will not again.…

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