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Feed Horses

Free game - Feed Horses
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In this really fast Fighting game your task will be to feed the horses will come to you. But it will not at all simple. You have to move between the four spaces and the space bar to perform puppets plates. In addition, after the horse eats everything, you are returning an empty plate and still catch…

The ice cream Parlour

Free game - The ice cream Parlour
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Become a service in the ice cream stand and feed his desire to eager customers and customers with. Everyone wants something different and you have to quickly make and sell ice cream into cone, cups and juices to keep everyone happy and would not go. Per day can earn enough money to advance to the…

Fast Food Kitchen

Free game - Fast Food Kitchen
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Welcome to the kitchen fast food, which is a nightmare everyone who likes order, or who would have wanted to eat. It is up to you to help her clean up. You must catch all pests, assemble all the dishes, mop the floor and throw out the trash. You can do it within the time limit?

Motley Mutant WormScore game

Free game - Motley Mutant Worm
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Motley Mutant Worm is quite fast game to test your observation and reaction. You control the bead, which will lead to a leash using carrots (mice). Caterpillar carrots but not close enough to it to really bite. When it is your dream, the game ends. Likewise, when it bites itself, hit several times…

Gingerbread Circus 3Score game

Free game - Gingerbread Circus 3
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Here is the third installment of the popular Racing game that will take you to the circus. The hero will again gingerbread and his friends. In various disciplines to verify how good your shot, because you become a knife thrower and without hurting his helper, you will need to complete all tasks.


Free game - Letters
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Can you sleep well on your keyboard? And you have a good point? Then you have this game for the right one. Will you defend your city from a dangerous threat - the falling letters. That the letter was gone, you have to "write" on the keyboard. In the beginning it will be easy, but the pace will…

Vector Runner

Free game - Vector Runner
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Vector Runner is very easily handled game that you just but its simplicity and addictiveness sure to please. In the game will be your job to avoid various obstacles and collect items while the color that will add points. The longer endure in the game, the more points you get.

Banana Monkey

Free game - Banana Monkey
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In this game you control a little monkey that collects your favorite bananas. The problem is that the dangerous snakes crawling everywhere. How many bananas can you collect before any of snake bites?
Free game - Brain Spa - Pattern Matching
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Practice your brain and especially their speed in an unusual Fighting game where the main role in the clothing. Different pants, skirts, blouses, dresses ... will go on hangers and you have to select the desired time pieces, without a mistake. In the beginning it will surely be easy, but the game…

The Most Wanted Bandito

Free game - The Most Wanted Bandito
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The Most Wanted Bandit is jumping game out of the Wild West environment in which it will be your job to hunt down criminals feared name Elmuerto. Before you get to it you have to first overcome a number of obstacles hazardous pitfalls.

Monkeys and Bananas

Free game - Monkeys and Bananas
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In this very nice game get in charge of three monkeys, gorilla want to steal as many bananas. They can afford it but only when the gorilla looking. That was why one monkey performs inconvenience to distract her attention. Can you use the right moments and at a specified time to steal as many bananas…


Free game - Titanic
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Now you are in the hold sinking the Titanic, which is increasingly rapidly fills with water. Can you fast enough to go through a maze of corridors to get aboard before they drown? The problem is that to let you on board, you must collect enough money through ...

Sci Fighters

Free game - Sci Fighters
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Sci Fighters Racing is a game that takes place in a future that is full of monsters able to eat any man alive. You will be with three other representatives of the human species before this monster run, but will try to destroy the other. Anyone who stays in the game becomes the latest winner.


Free game - Crocodile
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This game is definitely not about babies caring and generally not suitable for the faint of heart. Play is for you crocodile and your task will be as many children eat. Restrictions have a time limit, and so it will want to really good point;)

Madonna Dance Game

Free game - Madonna Dance Game
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Become a part of the show itself Madonna dancing in this game which tests your speed and observation. Can you choose the right time specified key so that Madonna still danced to the rhythm of their popular songs?

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