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Duck Shooter

Free game - Duck Shooter
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Although not exactly the season, so you can seamlessly shoot without a permit. In this game you will have a difficult task, and shoot ducks. Seto It may seem like a simple but with the passing wheels definitely change your mind. The game is very easy. Just shoot and shoot flying ducks. If you're…


Free game - MAGIC ARKANOID 2
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A slightly different arkanoid who still do not know about. In this game your mission is to keep the ball in the box and the way that it will help reflect back to the truck dice. It is also important that you finished the game to destroy all cubes. Sometimes it happens that you fall out of any bonus…

LadyBug Journey

Free game - LadyBug Journey
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In game The Ladybug Journey, you will take a bold Ladybird on a difficult path full of insidious and dangerous enemy. To survive, you need to avoid the bullets of your enemies and hit them before you lose a precious life. Do not forget along the way to collect bonuses that will add life and ammo.

HangerScore game

Free game - Hanger
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If you do not like blood so this game or drop, as the doll is more fragile than you think and when you start to move really quickly probably had a smaller impact something falls. Never know in advance what it will be if the legs or other limbs. Anyway doll swinging the fact that his legs are missing…

Road Of The Dead

Free game - Road Of The Dead
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In this game you have to drive through the destroyed city. But the city is destroyed because it was attacked by zombies. Try to run them as possible. For every dead zombies get points, as well as for zajetého soldier. But watch out for civilians, as they will in turn have minus points. If you want…

Feed Horses

Free game - Feed Horses
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In this really fast Fighting game your task will be to feed the horses will come to you. But it will not at all simple. You have to move between the four spaces and the space bar to perform puppets plates. In addition, after the horse eats everything, you are returning an empty plate and still catch…

Rocket SoldiersScore game

Free game - Rocket Soldiers
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In the game for a while you become a soldier and now your task is to pick off the enemy. You will have plenty of ammo but a few attempts. So before you shoot all the measured data well. The winner is the one who kills the enemy first, but not destroy an opponent's blow. You will therefore have more…

Zombie TruckScore game

Free game - Zombie Truck
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Really hilarious game that is about zombies. You're on a deserted place and suddenly appear everywhere zombies. So get on the car and driving toward a better future. But it's not so easy because you're the only ones who are alive and after all your blood going. Fortunately, you have a gun and know…

The ice cream Parlour

Free game - The ice cream Parlour
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Become a service in the ice cream stand and feed his desire to eager customers and customers with. Everyone wants something different and you have to quickly make and sell ice cream into cone, cups and juices to keep everyone happy and would not go. Per day can earn enough money to advance to the…

Bubble shooter

Free game - Bubble shooter
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Bubble Shooter is a classic game in which you must combine at least three same colored balls. The amount of balls on the playing field can never be so great to get to your "gun", but not so small that it no longer was nowhere to be added. When you play so not only will practice observation, but also…

Truck LoaderScore game

Free game - Truck Loader
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In this very precious game you play for the loading robot. Which has the task as quickly as possible to convert the box to its destination. At work, you need a good look, because you never know how tricky it may be loading boxes into the car. The controls are very nice, although at first glance seem…

AlchemystScore game

Free game - Alchemyst
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This puzzle game has absolutely nothing to do with chemistry, so if you did not have chemistry at the school much like nothing happens. This game is very similar spojovačce. Your goal in this game is always to combine three or more glasses of chemistry together. Following the merger of these bottles…
Free game - Tom a Jerry: Refriger Raiders
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This twin restless again intervenes. You can choose at what figure you want to play. If for Jerry and Tom. In each game you have other tasks but do not worry forces are balanced. So what are you waiting for come and try it.


Free game - Titanic
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Now you are in the hold sinking the Titanic, which is increasingly rapidly fills with water. Can you fast enough to go through a maze of corridors to get aboard before they drown? The problem is that to let you on board, you must collect enough money through ...

Mars Miner

Free game - Mars Miner
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In this very good strategy to get the times that we are still waiting. The country is small and you need to get on. Some have already started their business and moved to Mars. You're one of them, you go looking for happiness and fortune elsewhere. You drill your car and looking for important raw…

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Free game - Duck Shooter
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