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Mars Miner

Free game - Mars Miner
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In this very good strategy to get the times that we are still waiting. The country is small and you need to get on. Some have already started their business and moved to Mars. You're one of them, you go looking for happiness and fortune elsewhere. You drill your car and looking for important raw…

Air TransporterScore game

Free game - Air Transporter
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This very simple game will certainly serve well as oddechovka. Control in this game is very simple, although it seems the exact opposite. The movement of helicopters can be controlled using the mouse. And the rest of the functions using the keyboard. Of course, this game will be counted as time that…

TiltScore game

Free game - Tilt
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Very hilarious oddechovka that you definitely need to play. Your goal in this game is to get the ball to the designated blue spot. Move the ball by tilting board, but be careful with each level will play even harder balls will increase.


Free game - Pacman
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Legendary game to which perhaps is not what to say. Your task in this game is to eat all the dots you have on the road. In doing so, but again not to catch the ghosts. Large dots are on the way the game turns so that you can catch the spirit and nothing will happen. If you can get bonus points.


Free game - Clusterz
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In this game you must destroy all the marbles on the board, except black. To destroy all you need to put together only three balls of the same color. But beware, as every move when you do not succeed, there will be balls and vice versa in large quantities.

Paddle Ball

Free game - Paddle Ball
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Paddle Ball is basically a virtual ping pong where you have to keep his bat on the ball as long as possible, and what nejvíckrát pinknout with him. Bat control simply via mouse, but the game itself is not so simple because the ball can bounce treacherously, or run away.

Bubble Trouble 2

Free game - Bubble Trouble 2
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Excellent sequel to Bubble Trouble is where your main task is to get the greatest level. You play a character for pig and your task is to carve up balls in as few pieces, and eventually disappear. The halving balls using a rope, that figure soars to head upwards (activation Space). The bullet will…

The Animal Zoo

Free game - The Animal Zoo
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This zoo is not so much do not care about animals but about people. You will here classify people in order to get everyone on their favorite attraction. But be careful you have to take care of the attraction to them was a mess and so on. The more customers you will have the more points, but beware,…

Gingerbread Circus 2Score game

Free game - Gingerbread Circus 2
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In this game we find ourselves in a circus environment. You become the throwing knives, which in each round of trying to hit another target. Important, however, is to miss gingerbread, which is tied to the rotating carousel. But be careful, the whole game you only have 3 lives.

Noodle Shop

Free game - Noodle Shop
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You opened with a panda noodle bistro. He immediately went out to do the best noodles and so you always crowded restaurant. And this makes you really have a lot of work. You even lead Panda to each customer would be satisfied. So get the exact order that you ordered. Panda task can be several steps…


Free game - Valentiner
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Looking for an imaginative game where you will practice observation, will not stay long and still be fun? He is here for you Valentiner. You can choose whether you angel boy or girl and you can puff from his unfortunate start to burn the hearts. But beware, not all are equally valuable and even the…

Cake Shop 2

Free game - Cake Shop 2
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There is the sequel popular game in which you become a pastry chef and serves its customers' palates. But this time, do not just cakes, but cakes, coffee and other good things. And hurry up, the sooner you earn enough money, the sooner you will be my little candy store beautifully equipped and able…

Classic Pacman

Free game - Classic Pacman
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Well-known and popular Pacman game in which a yellow ball with a big mouth eating white dots is here again in the next rendition of his classic form. Feel free to try them for that legendary "figure" in the maze to eat as much as possible. But watch out for colorful creatures, that when you touch,…

Bubble Hit

Free game - Bubble Hit
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This game is a classic connection game certainly already know. Unlike other is a little easier because you do not reduce the balloons so fast. The challenge in this game is to arrange balls of the same color together. Once you touch three or more balloons. It disappears. And so you continue to the…

Gold diggerScore game

Free game - Gold digger
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Gold fever broke and you can also catch traveling on their piece of happiness. At the beginning you'll have all the simple tasks but what comes after is harder and harder. After each round you will be able to buy equipment to prospectors. This equipment will make your work easier and also you can…

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