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Table Tennis

Free game - Table Tennis
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Play ping pong in this game you can. The game is very simple to use. everything is in a nice 3D design. Adversary to choose from, but not easy to beat him. So let her come and try.

Wind Rider

Free game - Wind Rider
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In a racing game on the wind glider. The task is to defeat all opponents. If you win it will open another location in which you compete. The way you will build an enemy in the form of dragons and other enemies of the gliders. In the game you can enjoy special places, which will accelerate. You also…

The Most Wanted Bandito

Free game - The Most Wanted Bandito
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The Most Wanted Bandit is jumping game out of the Wild West environment in which it will be your job to hunt down criminals feared name Elmuerto. Before you get to it you have to first overcome a number of obstacles hazardous pitfalls.

The ice cream Parlour

Free game - The ice cream Parlour
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Become a service in the ice cream stand and feed his desire to eager customers and customers with. Everyone wants something different and you have to quickly make and sell ice cream into cone, cups and juices to keep everyone happy and would not go. Per day can earn enough money to advance to the…

Gold diggerScore game

Free game - Gold digger
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Gold fever broke and you can also catch traveling on their piece of happiness. At the beginning you'll have all the simple tasks but what comes after is harder and harder. After each round you will be able to buy equipment to prospectors. This equipment will make your work easier and also you can…

MooseBallScore game

Free game - MooseBall
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If you like walking to the pub, you certainly have met with and foosball. If you are completely addicted to this game, so you can play it elsewhere than in a pub. This game is easily controlled using the arrows and if you have a handy friend to invite him to a duel. The game is for two players.

Jump n Smash

Free game - Jump n Smash
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Another hilarious lego game that has very good graphics. your task is to kill as many potvůrek that after you go. All you have to avoid potvůrkám else will you lose a life. And also to gain some points you need to kill these creatures. This is done very simply, just jump on them and the school for…

Office Slacking

Free game - Office Slacking
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This perfect game consisting of several interesting mini-games that will appeal mainly girls, you are put to young girls who are bored in their work. Working on her computer and does not want to look for every free moment that she could paint nails, chat with friends or to depict. Will you help her…

FFFUUUScore game

Free game - FFFUUU
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Come with troll hero (or rather his head) on the aerial adventure. Flying free space and you have to dodge other heads, houses, cars ... From the beginning it will seem really easy, but over time will begin to pick up speed and head noticeably obstacles will be added. How far you get into something…

Bubble Trouble 2

Free game - Bubble Trouble 2
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Excellent sequel to Bubble Trouble is where your main task is to get the greatest level. You play a character for pig and your task is to carve up balls in as few pieces, and eventually disappear. The halving balls using a rope, that figure soars to head upwards (activation Space). The bullet will…


Free game - Pacman
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Legendary game to which perhaps is not what to say. Your task in this game is to eat all the dots you have on the road. In doing so, but again not to catch the ghosts. Large dots are on the way the game turns so that you can catch the spirit and nothing will happen. If you can get bonus points.

Traffic Command 3

Free game - Traffic Command 3
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In this game you will control traffic lights. The game is very hilarious and popular, so also survived the third edition. In this sequel, you will meet with damaged cars, trains, helicopters and especially with nervous drivers. Your task is simple, take care of it at the crossroads to the smooth…

Hot Dog Bush

Free game - Hot Dog Bush
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This game is certainly fun, because operate in fast food here will George Bush. Your task in this role the former president to serve as many hungry and impatient customers.

Lasagna from Heaven

Free game - Lasagna from Heaven
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Eternally hungry Garfield lasgne fields falling into his mouth straight from heaven. Can you help him catch them all? But you must be careful, because in advanced channeling will fall from heaven, and things that definitely can not eat and they would have stepped lives.

Traffic Command

Free game - Traffic Command
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In this game you play the man who controls the traffic lights. Your main task is to ensure smooth operation without car accident and nervous drivers. This is done only so that you run regularly every stripe. The fewer drivers will wait, the more you get to the next round. Traffic lights are…

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