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Baby Hospital

Free game - Baby Hospital
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Become a nurse while at the hospital in a ward for the smallest children. You'll need to take care of babies. And to meet their needs, such as changing, feeding and vaccination course.

Naughty Bunny

Free game - Naughty Bunny
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Test your observation in a relatively challenging game that looks simply because of its very nice graphics. Your goal in each level within the time limit gradually find all input symbols. But it will not be so easy. The symbols you are often very similar, it will be more to come and time will be…

FFFUUUScore game

Free game - FFFUUU
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Come with troll hero (or rather his head) on the aerial adventure. Flying free space and you have to dodge other heads, houses, cars ... From the beginning it will seem really easy, but over time will begin to pick up speed and head noticeably obstacles will be added. How far you get into something…

Whack a Troll

Free game - Whack a Troll
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In the Fighting game you peg to the heads of trolls, who will appear in the game field. Prove your speed to hit them in the limited time limit as much as possible.


Free game - Pixel
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Pixel is an action game in which your creature will be attacking hordes of enemies. You must shoot down enemies and collect as soon as possible "pixels" that remain after them. Each captured pixel will give you extra points and cause an explosion that will destroy your enemies easily.

Wizard Walls

Free game - Wizard Walls
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Walls Wizard is an unusual game in which you control a powerful wizard who can conjure up a strong defensive shields. With the help of these shields you must in different levels protect yourself or your army and destroy the enemy with his own weapons.

Kiss Kiss Paradise

Free game - Kiss Kiss Paradise
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Cheating girlfriend certainly is not nice. The young man in this game, but still wants to flirt with passers beauty and Miss him it shall not see. Can you help him in it and guess the right moments?

Pizza Passion

Free game - Pizza Passion
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Racing In this game you help the Italian chefs to get the girl of his dreams. That he is promised to kiss a dream if it makes a perfect pizza. Cook always throw the dough and you have to click on it to not fall, flew up and gathered to themselves all the ingredients. Depending on how things will…

Scooby Soccer

Free game - Scooby Soccer
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Scooby Soccer is a game not only for lovers of football and Scooby Doo. Learn how this well-known and beloved dog to play football. Scooby Doo is on the football stadium itself and wants to play with the ball. Keep it so that the ball did not fall as long as possible. Depending on how many times to…

Whiskered Away

Free game - Whiskered Away
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Do you like the movie Shrek? Then you will certainly enjoy this game with really great graphics, where the main characters are two of Shrekových friends - Puss and Donkey. Your task is to help them successfully get over rocks. Puss Donkey carries on his back and he always has the right moment to…

Office Slacking

Free game - Office Slacking
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This perfect game consisting of several interesting mini-games that will appeal mainly girls, you are put to young girls who are bored in their work. Working on her computer and does not want to look for every free moment that she could paint nails, chat with friends or to depict. Will you help her…

Gingerbread CircusScore game

Free game - Gingerbread Circus
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Gingerbread Circus is the first part of the popular games from the circus, where you are in the role of throwing knives. Gingerbread and his family are gradually being tied to a rotating wheel, and you have to snipe the objects around them. With every goal levels are smaller and faster bike.…

Bubble trouble

Free game - Bubble trouble
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The first part of the great games Bubble Trouble, in which character you play as an evil pig you must avoid jumping killer bullets. What's more, you must be vystřelováním cables (straight up) divide repeatedly until it disappears. Then stop your piggy bank and threaten you to the next level where…

Burger Restaurant

Free game - Burger Restaurant
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In the game Burger Restaurant'll do my own restaurant for hamburgers. Your task will be to make food according to customer demand, which will grow more and more, and you'll have them cope. The increasing number of levels, but they will be added in addition to work for the money and you'll be able to…
Free game - Airport Mania First Flight
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Airport Mania First Flight from which you want to look away if you start one. But it's worth it! In charge of the airport with cute planes. You need time to guide the landing to the terminal for loading and unloading passengers and let them fly again. For each operation, you get points. It is…

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