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Noodle Shop

Free game - Noodle Shop
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You opened with a panda noodle bistro. He immediately went out to do the best noodles and so you always crowded restaurant. And this makes you really have a lot of work. You even lead Panda to each customer would be satisfied. So get the exact order that you ordered. Panda task can be several steps…

Killer Whale

Free game - Killer Whale
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Become a whale for a moment that is very hungry. To feed the need you have to jump into another tank where other fish. Once eatto proceed further. If you want to eat fish, you need to get close and press X. You have to be smart but because of the small fish are fast.

Traffic Command 2

Free game - Traffic Command 2
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Another hilarious Racing game. In this game you will control traffic lights. The main task is to ensure you a smooth operation for all participants. This ensures that the drivers will gradually turn on and off the green traffic light. At the start you will control a traffic light, but over time…

Wizard Walls

Free game - Wizard Walls
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Walls Wizard is an unusual game in which you control a powerful wizard who can conjure up a strong defensive shields. With the help of these shields you must in different levels protect yourself or your army and destroy the enemy with his own weapons.

Naughty Bunny

Free game - Naughty Bunny
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Test your observation in a relatively challenging game that looks simply because of its very nice graphics. Your goal in each level within the time limit gradually find all input symbols. But it will not be so easy. The symbols you are often very similar, it will be more to come and time will be…

Baby Hospital

Free game - Baby Hospital
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Become a nurse while at the hospital in a ward for the smallest children. You'll need to take care of babies. And to meet their needs, such as changing, feeding and vaccination course.

TrollhunterScore game

Free game - Trollhunter
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In classical MEME graphic is hilarious shooter here to test your observation. The time limit you have to shoot as much as trolls. For each killed get 10 points. But when you miss the contrary point deducted. Then you have to completely avoid maidens and other characters, for whose shot just lose by…

Fast Food Kitchen

Free game - Fast Food Kitchen
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Welcome to the kitchen fast food, which is a nightmare everyone who likes order, or who would have wanted to eat. It is up to you to help her clean up. You must catch all pests, assemble all the dishes, mop the floor and throw out the trash. You can do it within the time limit?

Pizza Passion

Free game - Pizza Passion
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Racing In this game you help the Italian chefs to get the girl of his dreams. That he is promised to kiss a dream if it makes a perfect pizza. Cook always throw the dough and you have to click on it to not fall, flew up and gathered to themselves all the ingredients. Depending on how things will…

Sci Fighters

Free game - Sci Fighters
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Sci Fighters Racing is a game that takes place in a future that is full of monsters able to eat any man alive. You will be with three other representatives of the human species before this monster run, but will try to destroy the other. Anyone who stays in the game becomes the latest winner.

Janes Hotel Mania

Free game - Janes Hotel Mania
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This game is very easy hotel simulator. In this hotel you are a manager who would serve at the reception all customers. And thanks satisfied customers will have the money to develop other services to your hotel. But do not forget that the main task is to serve the most customers. So once you open…

Pink ArcherScore game

Free game - Pink Archer
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In this game you are trying to archers and shoot the most points. In the pink dress you ourselves because someone stole your. In each round you fire certain number of points. But do not worry all subjects except perhaps countries are scored. So at least the first three rounds of each handle. So the…

Factory Balls 2

Free game - Factory Balls 2
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In the game you become a manufacturer of balloons. The box will always appear an image balloon is not required to produce. Your task is to make a balloon so you have them as little blow. So would you like this balloon had a reputation to make the first attempt. To produce the balloon will always…

Monkeys and Bananas

Free game - Monkeys and Bananas
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In this very nice game get in charge of three monkeys, gorilla want to steal as many bananas. They can afford it but only when the gorilla looking. That was why one monkey performs inconvenience to distract her attention. Can you use the right moments and at a specified time to steal as many bananas…

Turret Tower Attack 2Score game

Free game - Turret Tower Attack 2
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You control a guard tower where you have one weapon. Suddenly, against a lot of people will emerge and attack you. Of course it is your job to destroy all. Do not give them a chance to dispose of all as soon as possible. You will see that this game very quickly grabs. Be sure to aim well as every…

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