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Pink ArcherScore game

Free game - Pink Archer
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In this game you are trying to archers and shoot the most points. In the pink dress you ourselves because someone stole your. In each round you fire certain number of points. But do not worry all subjects except perhaps countries are scored. So at least the first three rounds of each handle. So the…
Free game - Brain Spa - Pattern Matching
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Practice your brain and especially their speed in an unusual Fighting game where the main role in the clothing. Different pants, skirts, blouses, dresses ... will go on hangers and you have to select the desired time pieces, without a mistake. In the beginning it will surely be easy, but the game…

Hungry Sumo

Free game - Hungry Sumo
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In this game you play on the sumo wrestler, but in this game is something special. You only have one task to win it by that you feed the ever hungry fighter. This will lead you to be a wrestler when the opponent touch with him do anything. But if there will be no enemy at hand, so your wrestler feed…

Wind Rider

Free game - Wind Rider
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In a racing game on the wind glider. The task is to defeat all opponents. If you win it will open another location in which you compete. The way you will build an enemy in the form of dragons and other enemies of the gliders. In the game you can enjoy special places, which will accelerate. You also…

Janes Hotel Mania

Free game - Janes Hotel Mania
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This game is very easy hotel simulator. In this hotel you are a manager who would serve at the reception all customers. And thanks satisfied customers will have the money to develop other services to your hotel. But do not forget that the main task is to serve the most customers. So once you open…

Smurf´s bakery

Free game - Smurf´s bakery
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The Smurf drop their precious bakery products. Help Smurf caught all before they fall to the ground and finally to smash.

Traffic Command 2

Free game - Traffic Command 2
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Another hilarious Racing game. In this game you will control traffic lights. The main task is to ensure you a smooth operation for all participants. This ensures that the drivers will gradually turn on and off the green traffic light. At the start you will control a traffic light, but over time…

Pepsi pinball

Free game - Pepsi pinball
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Welcome to the Wild West a little different. Here nelítají bullets through the air, but only one bullet. And the longer it will fly, the more points you have. The game is based on the classic pinball you sure everyone played. The only interesting thing is that this game is graphically well-treated…

Coffee Bar

Free game - Coffee Bar
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Coffee Bar is an excellent game in which you will become a driver, otherwise than as a bar. Your specialty is coffee time. You start with a plain black coffee and coffee with milk. Every successful day you will be added to the menu but more complex drink. You can do fast enough to serve all the…

Rolf´s Pizza

Free game - Rolf´s Pizza
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Do you like pizza? And you knew how to do it? In this game you definitely try it and the orders you make this classic Italian dish. In the beginning you have only a few ingredients, but over time and levels you have something to brandish, you prosecuted everything.

Ninja Jump

Free game - Ninja Jump
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Run the super ninja on the wall of the building as fast as you can. Avoid jumping but on the opposite wall you projecting roofs and naturally hostile ninjům. Conversely if you manage to bring down rampant three birds move up a lot. How high are you?

Fishdom Spooky Splash

Free game - Fishdom Spooky Splash
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This game is very simple and logical. It's basically connection game already know just a little differently. Before you appears a field in which certain symbols. These symbols need to sort so that they are next to each other at least three. Then disappear and points will be added. If you follow the…

Cake Shop

Free game - Cake Shop
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Play a game where you have a small shop selling cakes and your mission is to serve the most customers. Cakes fold in front of the customer, so you must hurry to have served the most customers. For each customer, of course, get money and then those in the higher level you are buying equipment. At the…

SurroubbleScore game

Free game - Surroubble
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This type of bubble shooter game you will be sure to entertain. In addition to classic blasting balls that connect a group of three or more balls, also it will be important to collect as many points as possible. So speed is definitely not in the first place. The most valuable is then removed the…

Caesar Pizza

Free game - Caesar Pizza
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You have established the pizzeria, where you help in the kitchen. For all your pizza went well you take care and give all the ingredients together. When you give the same raw materials side by side, so the three pieces will disappear. And plus you points. The game is very simple and easy to use. You…

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