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Free game - Harry Potter Magical Eyes V2
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Your task in this game is to protect the eye against a powerful sorcerer. You have to avoid his powerful eye. If the eye gets the glasses so you lose. It is also necessary to avoid everything that is a magician who conjures up in your room. but if they develop some subjects it is good to take,…


Free game - MAGIC ARKANOID 2
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A slightly different arkanoid who still do not know about. In this game your mission is to keep the ball in the box and the way that it will help reflect back to the truck dice. It is also important that you finished the game to destroy all cubes. Sometimes it happens that you fall out of any bonus…

Big Mansion

Free game - Big Mansion
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Play for real estate broker. Skupujte for the cheapest price and then sell them for what the most expensive. First you need to start buying small houses, but for the time you get to buy even the larger ones. Do not sleep on our laurels because the business is still moving. Therefore it is better to…

Hungry Sumo

Free game - Hungry Sumo
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In this game you play on the sumo wrestler, but in this game is something special. You only have one task to win it by that you feed the ever hungry fighter. This will lead you to be a wrestler when the opponent touch with him do anything. But if there will be no enemy at hand, so your wrestler feed…

Raser Foods

Free game - Raser Foods
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The game will drive belt, and you have to ask him for food. However, foods that are marked on the belt. So you have to be very attentive. If you succeed in the food will go to the belt. You have to hurry because you both running time and belt you will accelerate. If you succeed you will go to the…

We Are The Robots

Free game - We Are The Robots
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This game is such a modern Tetris. But do not stack blocks but robots. The only happiness is to have the same shape, but not the same color. To win the game you must have an empty field with robots. This will lead to robots that will consist of the same color to wear. The longer you play the game…

Jump n Smash

Free game - Jump n Smash
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Another hilarious lego game that has very good graphics. your task is to kill as many potvůrek that after you go. All you have to avoid potvůrkám else will you lose a life. And also to gain some points you need to kill these creatures. This is done very simply, just jump on them and the school for…

Traffic Command 2

Free game - Traffic Command 2
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Another hilarious Racing game. In this game you will control traffic lights. The main task is to ensure you a smooth operation for all participants. This ensures that the drivers will gradually turn on and off the green traffic light. At the start you will control a traffic light, but over time…

Traffic Command 3

Free game - Traffic Command 3
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In this game you will control traffic lights. The game is very hilarious and popular, so also survived the third edition. In this sequel, you will meet with damaged cars, trains, helicopters and especially with nervous drivers. Your task is simple, take care of it at the crossroads to the smooth…

Spiderman City Raid

Free game - Spiderman City Raid
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In this game you can try as this has a heavy comic hero. Your job is to keep as long as possible in the air. To do that you'll just shoot around the web. But be careful you have to think twice what the web site will go. Because of course they reach cobwebs everywhere. The further you get the more…

PSN Protector

Free game - PSN Protector
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In this game you will be able to experience what it is to protect your computer from viruses. virus each day brings different fight against viruses. And now you can play the role of anti-virus too. You must dispose of viruses using electromagnetic walls. at the beginning, everything will seem easy…

Noodle Shop

Free game - Noodle Shop
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You opened with a panda noodle bistro. He immediately went out to do the best noodles and so you always crowded restaurant. And this makes you really have a lot of work. You even lead Panda to each customer would be satisfied. So get the exact order that you ordered. Panda task can be several steps…

Wind Rider

Free game - Wind Rider
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In a racing game on the wind glider. The task is to defeat all opponents. If you win it will open another location in which you compete. The way you will build an enemy in the form of dragons and other enemies of the gliders. In the game you can enjoy special places, which will accelerate. You also…

Traffic Command

Free game - Traffic Command
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In this game you play the man who controls the traffic lights. Your main task is to ensure smooth operation without car accident and nervous drivers. This is done only so that you run regularly every stripe. The fewer drivers will wait, the more you get to the next round. Traffic lights are…

Bubble Hit

Free game - Bubble Hit
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This game is a classic connection game certainly already know. Unlike other is a little easier because you do not reduce the balloons so fast. The challenge in this game is to arrange balls of the same color together. Once you touch three or more balloons. It disappears. And so you continue to the…

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